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70 Naskah Teater Modern 9 Orang

naskah teater modern 9 orang

Naskah Drama Cinderella 9 Orang Pemain

Naskah Drama Cinderella 9 Orang Pemain 0

Contoh Naskah Drama 9 Orang Tentang Pendidikan - Contoh AJa

Jan 18, 2016 · Contoh naskah teater 9 orang. Di pagi hari yang cerah, Gracia sedang bersiap pergi ke sekolah lalu Ia menjumpai keluarganya yang sedang sarapan. Gracia : (Tersenyum … 1

Contoh Naskah Drama 9 Orang Tentang Cinta – Berbagai Contoh

Nov 01, 2013 · kita harus menyeret Atun dan biarkan dia yang dihukum mati. Jangan sampai penyelidik kasus ini tahu kalau kita berempat yang membunuh. 1708. aku pun sependapat … 2

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern 8 Orang - Berbagai Naskah

Mar 01, 2012 · Naskah drama mengharukan ( 9 orang ) LUCY HEARTLIFA. Pada suatu masa hiduplah seorang wanita bernama Erza yang merasa sangat cantik tapi ia memiliki watak yang … 3

Contoh Naskah Drama Komedi 9 Orang Pemain - Rumi Books

Contoh Naskah Drama Komedi 9 Orang Pemain - Rumi Books 4

Contoh Judul Drama Tradisional - Berkas Soalku

Aug 01, 2020 · Naskah drama anak durhaka 9 orang. 21 contoh naskah drama pendek & panjang lengkap (terbaru 2020) september 2, 2019 67 min read. Naskah drama mengharukan … 5

100+ Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional Indonesia

Naskah Teater 9 Orang. Berikut ini tersedia beberapa artikel yang menjelaskan secara lengkap tentang naskah drama 9 orang remaja.Semoga bermanfaat.Pengaruh Orang Tua Otoriter … 6

Contoh Naskah Teater Anak Sekolah - Contoh AJa

Mar 05, 2021 · NASKAH DRAMA KOMEDI ROMANTIS (9 ORANG) - Amanat - Wattpad. Contoh Naskah Drama Durasi 15 Menit - Contoh Surat. Detail Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa Tentang … 7

Naskah Drama Komedi 4 Orang - Belajar Sekolah

Nov 20, 2012 · Contoh naskah drama (untuk 9 orang) Tema: PERSAHABATAN. Hanna sedang berada di dalam ruangan khusus untuk loker siswa... Hanna :”apakah aku harus mengambil … 8

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Aneka Contoh

Naskah Teater 9 Orang Download Aion Launcher Ppsspp Yu Gi Oh Arc V Nhl 99 On Mac Whats The Difference Between 60 Degrees Engines And 90 Degrees Engines Call Od Duty 3 Torrent … 9

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Contoh AJa

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Contoh AJa 10

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource 11

Naskah teater

Naskah teater 12

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource 13

Naskah Drama Musikal Sekolah – DIKBUD

Naskah Drama Musikal Sekolah – DIKBUD 14

Contoh Cerpen Yang Diubah Menjadi Naskah Drama 4 Orang – Lukisan

Contoh Cerpen Yang Diubah Menjadi Naskah Drama 4 Orang – Lukisan 15

Teks Drama Singkat Untuk 5 Orang - Terkait Teks

Teks Drama Singkat Untuk 5 Orang - Terkait Teks 16

Naskah Drama Melayu Riau 10 Pemain - Berbagai Naskah

Naskah Drama Melayu Riau 10 Pemain - Berbagai Naskah 17

Naskah Drama 8 Orang

Naskah Drama 8 Orang 18

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource 19

Contoh Naskah Drama 9 Orang Tentang Cinta – Berbagai Contoh

Contoh Naskah Drama 9 Orang Tentang Cinta – Berbagai Contoh 20

Naskah Drama Bahasa Bali 6 Orang - Berbagai Naskah

Naskah Drama Bahasa Bali 6 Orang - Berbagai Naskah 21

Naskah Drama 7 Orang Cerita Rakyat Singkat -

Naskah Drama 7 Orang Cerita Rakyat Singkat - 22

Contoh Naskah Drama Modern - Aneka Contoh

Contoh Naskah Drama Modern - Aneka Contoh 23

Teks Drama 9 Orang Tentang Pendidikan Terkait Pendidikan – MieGames

Teks Drama 9 Orang Tentang Pendidikan Terkait Pendidikan – MieGames 24

Naskah Drama Cinderella 9 Orang Pemain

Naskah Drama Cinderella 9 Orang Pemain 25

Naskah Drama Cinderella 9 Orang Pemain

Naskah Drama Cinderella 9 Orang Pemain 26

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Contoh AJa

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Contoh AJa 27

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Aneka Macam Contoh

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Aneka Macam Contoh 28

93+ Contoh Naskah Teater Modern Untuk 6 Orang - Caption Bijak

93+ Contoh Naskah Teater Modern Untuk 6 Orang - Caption Bijak 29

Contoh Naskah Drama Anak Sekolah Yang Lucu - Aneka Macam Contoh

Contoh Naskah Drama Anak Sekolah Yang Lucu - Aneka Macam Contoh 30

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa Tema Pendidikan - Berbagai Teks Penting

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa Tema Pendidikan - Berbagai Teks Penting 31

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern 8 Orang - Berbagai Naskah

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern 8 Orang - Berbagai Naskah 32

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource 33

Kumpulan Naskah Drama Modern - Meteran s

Kumpulan Naskah Drama Modern - Meteran s 34

(Episode 1), (Premium), Oh, my., Thank you., Hello., Hey. Lady., Hold on., I'm sorry. I'm sorry., I'm sorry., I'm back., What took you so long? Were you..., I couldn't find any baby formula cans around here., - The complex next door. / - It was empty, because the garbage truck came by this morning., I heard residential areas throw out garbage daily,, so I went to Yongsan and Itaewon., Here. You said eight is enough., Thank you, Jian., But my kid told me to do something before painting., You mean, gesso?, Right, gesso., Sure. Okay., Seo Jian., What are you doing? Look at you., I'm working hard under the blazing sun., Look. Isn't it great? Isn't it?, You changed your skirt. It stank so badly., Did you come to the office without, getting changed on purpose?, Don't I deserve the credit?, - It was so difficult. / - Was it worth it?, How far would you go?, What other choice do I have?, Manager's only daughter is going to make a tree, out of formula cans in a recycling competition., And our manager completely forgot., I can't believe this., Hey, a contract employee's not a slave. You're not., You run all the errands for her., Sometimes I babysit other bosses' children, because, my life is in their hands., You're all aware of it., You're called the "Giving Girl"., Even all other departments know that name., It's not the "Yes Girl"?, I'm so talented that I get promoted every day., What if your bosses tell you to wipe their bottoms?, - Would you do it? / - I'll do it, if that makes me a regular employee., What if they don't hire you even after you do it?, Jian wiped their behinds,, but they could grab my hand., Right. You think you got the job right now,, but don't trust them., You must be nervous since there are only two days left., Why?, Are you upset because I did something you didn't?, Don't take it wrong., You're humiliating all of us., Sunhwa, I guess your pride is still intact., But mine isn't., Besides, what do you mean by "us"?, We all have tempt jobs here., I don't want to be in your collective group., We can't be a group. That's how we'll survive., Everyone leads their own life., So leave me alone., Oh, no! I was in the middle of brushing gesso., The color won't look the same. What do I do?, My goodness., Let's just go., - Let's leave her. / - Okay, fine., (Our baked goods are ready at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.), It's time., Hello., Our bread is ready., Hello, sir., It smells so good., One with sweet pumpkin for today, please., Where is Chawon?, She had a family matter to take care of., How will you work alone? You'll be too busy., I'd be less busy if you'd leave., Sorry?, Goodbye. I'll see you again tomorrow., Sir, what's inside this one?, Squid ink is in there., There's bacon and cheese too., It's really good., - Really? / - Yes., And this cinnamon block., This goes really well with coffee or milk tea., Is that so?, Mom, let's get this one and that one., Sure, let's do that., Besides, this one is good too. The batter..., Jisu., Can I have a word?, Okay, okay. I'm leaving., Anyway, everything here is great., Thank you., This time, let's get that one., - This does look great. / - That's..., (Jinmi Restaurant), Thanks for working so hard. Isn't it hot?, I'm here to collect the dishes., Did you enjoy your food?, The dishes are over here., Goodness, that's so pretty., This place looks almost ready., Ma'am, did you check the POS system?, Well, not yet., I'll explain it to you., "Yes, sir.", You didn't practice?, I did practice, but..., Look., You just have to touch it., You can either click or touch it., How do I cancel it?, Touch the X mark., Unbelievable., I'm such an idiot, a dummy, and a fool., This is so embarrassing., (Haeseong Group), Developed countries like the US and Japan, have been investing a lot in the business, producing bio-based products., Why would they? Because it's profitable., Do you believe we need profitable projects now?, An environmental friendly business is great., It's just it's not the direction we're headed., The cup CEO Jung is using, is made of corns., And the water bottle is made of sugar canes., Plastic products that are made from the ground, and return to the ground., It benefits the company and the environment., This business will earn us two hares at once., You want us to invest 15 million dollars for that?, As of now, our corporation, manages hotels, clothing lines, and restaurants., Our business centers around consumers., Our sales will fluctuate depending on the economy., We must take a leap forward., I believe we need to invest in our future., What happens if it becomes a gamble,, not an investment?, I like his idea., It's time to think outside the box, to break through our stagnation., Various ways of thinking. Creative researching., How can our old ideas beat young and fresh ideas?, Jaesung., We asked Dogyeong to offer ideas for our corporation., But he already thinks like he owns the corporation., I'll see you some other time., Myeonghui, let's have a cup of tea., I have a bazaar to attend to., I'll see you later, Aunt and Uncle., Sure., Really?, The elevator is going down., No way., I've never seen Ms. Noh in person., She's like an actress., That's why her nickname is Grace Kelly., I'm so envious., She was born as an heiress of Haeseong Group., On top of that, she's pretty., She is an heiress,, but she can't inherit the corporation., That's why her husband lives with the president., The vice president is the middle bridge., I heard Mr. Choi Dogyeong will inherit the company., Should I try to win him over?, I heard he doesn't like women., - Really? / - Yes., He's 33, but he's still single., He's not dating either., I heard he's nice to women. He's gentle too., That's why it's weird., I mean, he's too gentle to employees like us., He's a stuck-up., In a way, doesn't it feel like he's patronizing us?, - Gosh. / - Oh, my!, - I'm sorry. / - I'm so sorry, sir., Gosh., I thought it'd be rude if I kept eavesdropping., I'm Choi Dogyeong., - I'm so sorry. / - I'm sorry., Oh, my., I ought to scold my untied shoelace., Goodness., What's wrong with you? I'm okay., "The king has donkey ears.", Do you know why there's a story on it?, Badmouthing someone is an instinct everyone has., This is the first floor., Ladies first., - I'm sorry. / - I'm sorry., What are we going to do?, I have no idea., - What did I say? / - I don't know., - I can't believe it. / - Goodness., A stuck-up?, I'm a stuck-up?, When, where, how, and to whom..., was I a stuck-up?, I mean, I was always nice and gentle., Gay?, Gay?, Gosh, I should've said the rumors aren't true., I'm back, ma'am., Great. Did you bring it?, I picked up mails from the secretary's office too., I got a few things, since I didn't know her taste., There's no need to pick. She loves clothes., Put them all in., (To Choi Eunseok's mother, Ms. Noh Myeonghui), To Choi Eunseok's mother, Ms. Noh Myeonghui., I know the whereabouts, of your daughter, who was lost 25 years ago., I'll soon send you solid proof., Eunseok. Eunseok., My gosh., We have more news., It's been 13 days since the only daughter, of the owners of Haeseong Group went missing,, but her whereabouts still remain unknown., Today, Haeseong Group increased the amount..., of the cash reward to 500,000 dollars., The last sightings reports were 10 years ago., I bet it's another person who needs money., Do you think it's a prank?, She wrote that she'd send proof to verify her claim., Had she had proof, she would've sent that first., She wouldn't have sent greetings like this first., Those people asked for up-front money, and travel expenses with a strand of hair., How evil., I told you I don't need new skincare products, because I already have enough. Why are you here?, I'm not here to show you skincare products today., I'm here to give you a facial massage., It's part of our promotion we're running now., A facial massage?, We launched a new lifting facial mask., Even just one treatment makes a huge difference., Really?, Ma'am., May I use your bathroom? I need to wash my hands., Thank you., The eldest one is a son, and she has two daughters., She said the youngest one is a boy too., (Dawon Club Bazaar), From what I know, Dawon Club, is a gathering of wealthy women., What are your objectives?, To love everyone in need., In other words, noblesse oblige is..., This is from Ermes' last FW collection., The chairwoman of our club donated it., I see., Please feel free to look around., Seeing ladies at Sora's age is making me miss her., You said she'd come back with you in winter..., after her graduation and Europe tour, right?, Her friends asked her to go on a trip with them,, but my husband said she can't., You've taught her so well., Dogyeong is leading his team only until this year., He'll be a vice president of an affiliate next year., Vice president?, He managed the Strategic planning team for two years., My father thinks he has gained enough experience., So has President Noh approved it?, He should join the management, before he gets married., I can't wait for Dogyeong and Sora to meet., Me either. I really hope, they like each other., My gosh, look who's here., You're Senior Secretary Jang's wife, right?, Oh, my. Your husband owns Shimsung Group, right?, It's been a while, Ms. Hong., How have you been?, I've been meaning to visit you. I'm glad to see you., Your daughter is going to school in Chicago, right?, When will she graduate?, She'll graduate this winter,, - so she'll be back soon. / - I see., You were right., My skin looks firm and bright., Thanks., You said your daughters are binovular twins., Which one takes after you?, I think the one with long hair..., looks more like you. Am I right?, Her personality too. She's gentle like me., Mijeong, let's go to the market., Oh, you had a guest., Gosh. I'm not a guest., Ma'am, I should get going., The skincare brand is running a promotion., I got a free facial massage., Really? I want to get it too., Do you know the apartment complex nearby?, I'm sorry. That's not my district., What? Then who is in charge of the district?, I'll just do it for you., Please give me your number., When will you come?, Well, I'll be in touch., Thank you., - Take care, ma'am. / - Bye. Thank you., You should've called me about it., Jisu. It's me., I'm going to the market. What do you want to eat?, You want pasta? Flour again?, All right. See you later., She's okay with anything., I should make soup with duck., Why do you only ask Jisu?, She has lost so much weight., It's as if she can't handle summer., She seems spaced out and weak., She can't even finish a bowl of rice., She used to eat two full bowls every meal., Why on earth is she losing weight?, She just works part-time. She has such an easy life., Jian is the one who's trying to earn a living., I know., She must feel that she's not as good as Jian., Hey, that is certainly not the case., I saw her the other day. She was eating bread., She wouldn't eat like that if she was depressed., You should look after the one who is earning money., We can leave some food for Jian., And she rarely eats dinner at home. She works late., Whatever., I'll get one of that and..., That one is..., This job is pretty easy. You should keep it., I work because I need to earn money., The shifts are too short, and they pay too little., All of your children are grown up and have jobs., How much can you make from these part-time jobs?, If I were you, I'd just stay home., Do you know what happens to old lions?, They get kicked out of their coalitions., Sorry? Lions?, Yes. When they can't protect their family, and can do nothing but waste food., Gosh, are you comparing yourself to a lion now?, That's right. All fathers are., All men live like lions do., Then are you saying, that you work because you might get kicked out?, Not exactly., I'm working because, I want to provide for my family., Even lions get kicked out when they're useless., I'm not some lowly animal., I can't give up looking after my family., As you can see, I'm completely healthy., I should just die if I can't even do that., If I can't provide for my family, that is., Jian will get an offer for a permanent role., That family is rich,, but their son really isn't much., What's the problem?, He's not good-looking. He's short too., Haeja, aren't you too old to say such things?, Looks aren't everything., But Jian grew up seeing her dad all the time., Taesu is so handsome, you know., It's not like good looks bring money., Will they walk on a runway together or what?, Marrying a guy from a rich family is the best., I shouldn't have gone, to the strawberry field with you that day., Hey., You lived in luxury thanks to him., What good is being rich in your youth?, We went bankrupt at the supreme moment., Your husband started his business at the same time,, but he's never failed even once., Mijeong. Haeja., Taesu., Gosh., Did you go to the market? What did you buy?, Give me that., This is Haeja's., This is for you., Is it for Mijeong? What's that?, I guess it's rice crackers., That's your favorite., Let me take them., Gosh, you reek of sweat., Don't you have an air conditioner in the office?, We had too many packages today,, so I helped the loading and unloading work., Why would a manager carry the packages?, You know I'm strong., I can still do better than a couple of young guys., Let's go., - What's for dinner? / - Wait for me., Hey, Jian., Hey., What are you doing? Why did you leave so early?, My boss did me a favor and let me leave early., What's that skirt?, Why are you wearing an old lady's skirt?, I had to go through recyclable waste today., I went through like 15 or 16 recycling bins., Do I smell sour?, I guess you do., Gosh, it's really bad., Just go home and take a shower., Why are you drinking beer here?, This is what keeps me hanging in there., What an alcoholic., Just stop drinking., You always say you don't have money,, but you buy two cans of beer every day., You always buy and eat bread every day too, when you make peanuts by working part-time., It's an investment. I'll learn how to knead bread., You've already learned how to cook Korean, Chinese,, Japanese food, and baking. And kneading now?, I'm just wasting my breath., I thought he refused to teach you bakery., He'll tell me if I try so hard., He's just too good to die without passing on, his skills to a pupil., This isn't just bread. It's more like..., I'm sick of hearing it., Just work it out by the end of the month., It's been more than three months. If he says no,, it means he won't tell you the secret., Then should I analyze this bread, and figure out the recipe myself?, That's not something you can do yourself., Just get a job again at a dental clinic., You'd forget your skills as a dental hygienist., When will you grow up?, You know I can't be a dental hygienist again., It's not you can't do it. You just don't do it., I know., Why would I do something that I don't want to do?, You can't live doing only what you want to do., Why not?, Don't you know, we're not in a position to do only what we want?, We should work together., It's not enough just to make some pocket money., It's been more than a year, since you stopped paying your living expenses., Forget the living expenses., You should at least save money for your wedding., You just keep talking about Manager Seon., What if things go well and you marry him?, Do you have money for your wedding?, Do you think I can marry him?, No. You can't., You don't even have 100 dollars in your account., Love?, It's something you can do only when you have money., You can't confess your love to him., The script I wrote for you. Give it back., Give it to me., I already memorized it all., What?, I know all the lines. Do you still want it?, Gosh, everything is just too easy for you., Okay. I give up., - Do you want some? / - Is it good?, How were things at the Strategic Planning Team?, As I said during the presentation,, while we wait until the bio project is confirmed,, - we will carry out... / - Why bother?, Dad gave positive reviews earlier today., You just learned to walk. Make sure not to fall., Just don't try running yet., Do you think Dad liked the project?, You don't even know, he tried to save your face in front of executives., That's why you made a fuss with the nonsense., Mom., You can't run a business for fun., I told you to find ways to recover poor performance,, but you want to spend 15 million dollars., I did it because I thought it'd be profitable., Each group has their own keynote and history., I'm aware of that Haeseong Group has its own identity., Grandpa..., President., Right. It's been about 40 years since he started, Haeseong Group with the clothing business., Find a way with the affiliates we have., Don't think about starting a new business., Understood., Let's eat., Seo Hyun, you're doing well, right?, Doing what?, Oh, right., Don't blow it., Senior Secretary's wife studied music at college., I practice the music 100 times a day., I'm not sure if he'd like it or not,, but I'm sure I won't disappoint his mother., President Lee's wife came to the bazaar today., Director Hong Yumi of the Yumi Art Museum., Senior Secretary's daughter., Her grandfather is the Minister of Justice., Her uncle is Chief Public Prosecutor., Her other uncle is a police Commissioner., She has relatives who are prosecutors and lawyers., Shimsung would want her in their family., Mom, don't worry about it., Lee Jaedong, the youngest son of Shimsung., Jang Sora wouldn't like him., Really?, You don't need to worry about it., Just enjoy your dinner., - I'm home. / - Okay., Jisu, what took you so long?, I had to boil the soup again because of you., - I'm home. / - Okay., Jian, why are you home so early?, I have an emergency., - Dad, I'm home. / - Okay., I'm home., I'm so hungry., Come have a seat. Have some duck soup., You said you cooked something special, that would improve my health., And it's just duck soup?, It has ginseng and jujube in it., Right. I put ginseng in it., Hey, stop pretending to be an examinee., You don't deserve it., Why did you hit his head? His head is thick enough., He studies very hard these days., He studies until late night every day., Until late night? I doubt that., Blessed are those who have belief., I'm home., Come here., Are we becoming one with this duck soup today?, You said you had an emergency., I guess it was the duck soup., Yes. I called you., I also had something to say as well., Where's my toothbrush?, Mom, where's my toothbrush?, It should be in the bathroom., You must've put it somewhere else., Jian's toothbrush isn't here as well., Did you throw them out?, Why would I? We don't need to replace them yet., But why are only your toothbrushes missing?, Mom, you're so forgetful., No, it's not me., Then why are only two toothbrushes gone?, Go look in the fridge., Just like your phone the other day,, I bet our toothbrushes are getting cool in there., No way., That's not true., They are not in the fridge., And they're not in the trash cans., I have no recollection of throwing them out., It means I didn't throw them out., Then why are those two toothbrushes missing?, You should get tested for dementia., - Hey! / - Hey!, You said you have something to tell us., Right. My company opened a new branch in Daejeon., I'll be working at the office for a month., Your salary is meager., Why would they make you go so far with that pay?, They'll pay my rent and food expenses., And I'll be paid more, for travel expenses., Gosh, I knew it., It turns out Mom cooked duck soup for Dad., It's really good., Dad, this is for you., Thank you, sweetheart., I'll take good care of Mom., When do you leave?, The day after tomorrow., Okay., I'm done., Why don't you stay seated?, It's been a month since the last time, we all had dinner together like this., He doesn't need to stay. He wouldn't say anything., It doesn't matter. I just want to see him., I know the whereabouts of your daughter,, who was lost 25 years ago., Are you asleep?, Do you..., still think of..., Eunseok?, Our Eunseok., Do you think she's alive?, (Satisfying the Five Senses), What are you doing?, It's going so well., They'll pick my idea. I have a feeling., Pick what?, Haeseong Apparel's 40th year customer event., Didn't you say you'd finished?, I changed the theme., While going through trash,, I found this., Nonsense., Why'd you wake up then?, - Here's your coffee. / - Thanks., That tastes good., - Bring me the printouts. / - Okay., Your coffee., - It's tough, isn't it? / - Not at all., - Wait, take my receipts. / - Sure., Your coffee's here., Take the contract and get it approved..., - and print the agendas. / - Okay., Your coffee's here., Thanks. Thank you., Thanks., Tell the staff to restock the supply cabinet., Okay., You already went through this month's magazines., When did you read all 60 of them?, I'm used to it now., You're so efficient. You're unbeatable., That's the first thing we look for., Efficiency., I'll summarize the concept for each brand's, 2018 SS season by tomorrow., Your food is here., Is your manager not in?, He'll be coming by this evening., Oh dear., I brought three portions., It's the last delivery, so I brought, some bulgogi and pancakes., Did you bring food even for our manager?, There's more for us then., I guess I won't see you anymore., Too bad., We met every day for a whole month., - I agree. / - I agree., Will your manager be here for the opening tomorrow?, I know that., I know you have to visit a specialized high school., I know I said I'd take her to her lessons., My director invited me to dinner., I can't say I have to take my kid to her lessons., He invited me himself., Jian., Yes, sir?, - Did you ask for me? / - Yes., Take my car and run an errand, then go home., Leave the key with the security guard., Sir., I'm have something at 7 p.m., I already got permission., - 7 p.m.? / - Yes., Then bring the car to work tomorrow., I'll do that, sir., It must be hard, rushing around,, eating in the car., You're going to a specialized high school?, Why aren't you a regular employee, when you studied business?, I wonder why., Did your dad say something?, No, Dad didn't say anything., But Mom said I should study to not be like you., Hello, Mr. Choi. They're waiting for you., No thanks., Why did you nag so much?, - Hey. / - Oh, excuse me., I'm Gijae's friend., Say hello. You must recognize announcer Lee Youngran., Postgraduate student Han Chaekyung., My friends., This is my guest Han Sunga., You know Kim Sadeok's new movie., She debuted in that., Nice to meet you. I'm Choi Dogyeong., - Hello. / - Hello., I'm Han Sunga. I hope you'll help me out., I don't see why you'd need my help,, but nice to meet you., Be brief, I have plans., Dogyeong., I called you for a reason and you don't have plans., I do if I say so., I know., I've known you for 20 years., You don't need to rush. Let's talk over dinner., If it's not urgent, let's talk in Yangpyeong., Stay for dinner., We ordered for you., Let's eat., Sit down., I want to bring two guests to Yangpyeong., Your guests?, They're both men., I need to befriend some Australian investors., Do we have to tag along to your party?, I can't do that. We have a rule., They're extreme sports fanatics too., We just have to have some fun, and maybe talk Gijae up a bit., Let's eat first., They hired a new chef and your favorite risotto..., Hey., - Yes? / - Why are there mussels?, Don't you know Mr. Choi doesn't eat them?, I apologize., I started last week., You couldn't memorize our files in a week?, Why did an exclusive club hire a birdbrain?, Change your clothes and go home., Get the manager., I'm really sorry. Could you forgive me?, Why would I forgive a birdbrain like you?, Why should I forgive you?, Minsoo, don't get upset over nothing., What if you had an allergy?, Memorizing the members' tastes..., is a basic requirement., I'm not allergic to these, I just don't like them., So I can just leave them out., (Lee Youngmi), Ms. Lee, you memorize the members' files, and don't mess up again., You got lucky., Thanks to Mr. Choi, Mr. Noblesse Oblige., Get out., Thank you., Thank you., Sorry. I'll bring you another serving., Jian., Yoonhee., I wasn't expecting you, Hajung., It's been a while., Did you buy a car?, No, it's my boss'. I ran an errand for him., Do you drive his car to run errands?, Let's go in. The others will be waiting., Yes, let's go inside., - Myungshin. / - You brat., - Minkyung. / - Congratulations., Jian., Why aren't you giving Hajung one?, She provided the hall., She got her dad to give me a 30 percent discount., - Is that why she's here? / - Yes., Hajung, will you give me a discount too?, Do you have a boyfriend too?, Did you pass the civil servant exam?, No boyfriend, still studying., And you want to get married? Wake up., Men these days want a working wife., 90 percent of our clients both work., You can't get a date if you don't work., Don't say that. Yoonhee's getting married., Don't you know it's a shotgun wedding?, Yes, I only scored because I got pregnant,, Happy now?, You are so cute., Yoonhee landed a doctor husband,, Minkyung's working,, Jian will soon secure a stable job at Haeseong,, Hajung can work at her dad's wedding hall., So I'm the only one with no future yet., Myungshin, I won't work for my dad., A wedding hall business isn't flashy enough., Will you just have fun?, No. I have plans., You can apply for nice jobs until you're 30., Your dad's business is your Plan B., She's right., Excuse me., Hello, sir., I need you to bring the car over now., You told me to bring it to work tomorrow., What's wrong?, Okay, sir. I'll be right there., I'll drop off my boss' car and come back., His mother-in-law fainted,, and his wife has to visit her., You said you're hungry. Eat dinner first., Mr. Choi., I have to go home., Could you drive me?, Let's go separately., My car's at a garage,, and I'm scared of taxis., I see right through you, so stop., What?, Drive safely., And don't catch a cold., There was an accident on the highway., I'm in Seoul now., Tell Woohee to serve the guys coffee., (Boss), Hello, sir, I'm on my way., Where are you?, The GPS says I'm 45 minutes away., 45 minutes?, My mother-in-law's dying., The traffic isn't bad., I should be there in 30 minutes., I'll hurry. Please..., Drive faster., I'll tell my wife to wait outside., Okay, bye., Why would someone drive like a madman?, Why you..., Hey!, Hey, miss., I'm in a hurry. Sorry., I'm really sorry., Hey!, You there, stop the car., - Hey! / - What does he want?, Hey!, Sorry., Have you lost your mind? Why did you do that?, - This is insane. / - Hey., Did you cause an accident because I passed you?, Forget that, I..., Oh no..., I'm in a real hurry and I really have to go., Let's take a few photos. Give me your number., Let's call the police., I don't even have time, to call the insurance company., I'm in a hurry and I'll let you off., I'll call you "miss", because you don't look like a "ma'am"., Miss., Are you filming me to test my patience?, - Mister. / - What?, You kept cutting me off, and changing lanes,, then braked and that's why I crashed into you., It's all on my dashboard camera., If you think you can talk your way out of this,, I will call the cops., Hey, what are you..., Look., What's that?, 3 minutes and 46 seconds ago,, you cut me off, and I had to swerve., I was forced to swerve a bit too much, and almost hit the guardrail,, but barely managed to brake., That's how that happened., It would be a disgrace to leave the scene, after causing that damage., So I gave chase,, and you drove off., I didn't drive off., You screamed at me right off the bat,, so I take it you didn't know I almost crashed., Did this..., really happen because of me?, I have a dashboard camera too., You drove dangerously and caused an accident., Let's talk at the police station., (Boss), Sorry, I need to take this., Hello, sir., Where are you?, I'm sorry., I just caused an accident., What jerks., Darn., Move the cars out of the way after the accident., Isn't that..., Yes., Okay, I'll be there as soon as possible., Jian., You're Seo Jian, right?, It's me, Uhyeok., You know, Seon Uhyeok., Hey, Uhyeok., You live in Seoul? Since when?, But why didn't you go to art school?, I went to Hongik University's, art school to find you., Then I went to all the colleges in Seoul., Then I thought, you'd gone abroad to study., I studied business management instead., Hey., Business management? Why?, Why didn't you call me?, You said you would when you moved., I lost your number and address., You silly. You could've written to my school., Sorry., Sorry, I caused an accident., Was it your fault?, Then you should call your insurance company., Hey, Mr. Old Friend., Take that call. It's getting on my nerves., (Yonggook), Explain what happened., We're waiting with the chairs., Where are you?, It looks like you have to be somewhere., Go. I'll take care of things here., Can I leave?, Yes, you can., I'm the victim,, and I'd like the bystander to leave., Then..., You're scatterbrained., You'll lose my business card again., Sorry., Get going., Sorry. I have an important meeting., Are you sure it's okay?, I'm really sure, so please leave., Call the insurance company and don't argue., You look too smart to want to block, a busy Seoul road., Take care of my friend for me., See you., I'm really sorry., Call the insurance company. I won't argue., We're blocking a busy Seoul road., Call your insurance., Just a moment., I had two accidents this year., One more and my premium will go up., My wife will kill me., There's a bit of a problem., If you rear-ended him,, try to pay him in cash., Could I pay for the repairs myself?, You'll pay yourself?, Bye, Jian. Call me., That jerk., (Mamdaero), "Mamdaero"?, Seriously., The front and the back of my car are damaged, and you won't call the police or insurance?, You really have no shame., We took photos, so you have my license plate., Take a photo of my ID card., I really am in a hurry., I don't want to., Why not?, One, it's a hassle., Two, I don't want to see you again., Three, I can't forgive you for endangering my life., Four, I suspect those who are reluctant, to call their insurance company., I have reasons..., Call your insurance company., Forget about the police., The truth is,, this isn't my car., It's my boss's car., I'm a contract worker., And I crashed the car my boss lent me, to drive his kid to her lessons., He told me not to call the insurance company., Tomorrow's the last day on my contract., If I cause an increase on his premium,, I might lose my job., Can you please help me out?, Do you think, you can afford to pay to repair my car?, Yes. I'll give you cash to exchange both bumpers., Cash?, It'll cost at least 20,000 to 30,000 dollars., What?, We'll let the customer decide the price, okay?, Will they even buy them?, If you trust me, and let the customer, choose the price., Here are your coffees., - Thanks. / - Here you go., - Thanks. / - Thanks., Why are you serving us?, Where's the boss?, Who cares who serves?, She's helpless., Why are you in such a good mood?, You're smiling from ear to ear., Have you heard of reunited fate?, Reunited fate?, I've never seen him smile like that., He does know how to smile., He's so handsome., He must be happy., Is he glad the shop's open?, Oh dear., This is really bad., Oh no., I'm really sorry, ma'am. I'm so sorry., I have a long drive. Give me the key., Here., Please let me do that., My husband said insurance won't cover it., Right. I caused the accident., I should pay for the repairs., Drive safely., I'm sorry, ma'am., This will cost..., 20,000 to 30,000 dollars., What?, At least., For two bumpers and a full paint job., Will you still pay in cash?, You said you would., Could you not..., repaint the whole car?, You're such a nuisance., I... I really can't..., I can never come up with..., that much money even in my next lifetime., What's the maximum cash you can come up with?, Right now... 5,000 dollars., I'm sorry., 5,000 dollars is fine, but you have 3 days., That's all you'll take?, Let's consider this my noblesse oblige,, a good deed of the day., Thank you. Thank you., Thank you. Thank you. Thank you., Thank you. Thank you. Thank you., Thank you., This really is too much., Hey, you up there., Are you testing my patience?, Do you have a conscience?, If you really exist,, can you please tone it down a little?, How can you do this to me?, If you don't care how we do,, why are you even there?, Seo Jian., Why did you ignore my calls and messages?, What's going on?, I almost died waiting for you., I'm in trouble., The new cafe that was being renovated,, it opens tomorrow., I won't have a reason to see him after that., You said you'd confess., What if he turns me down?, Then I can't see him again., Jisu., Your sister had an extremely long..., and exhausting day., Can you please spare me from, hearing about your Manager Seon today?, Hello?, Hi, it's me, Seon Uhyeok., Hi, Uhyeok., The accident?, I managed to sort it out fine., Tomorrow?, I can't do tomorrow. How about the day after?, It has to be tomorrow., Spare me your lunch hour., Okay, I'll text you my work address., See you tomorrow., Who was that?, Uhyeok from carpentry class., The guy who was the biggest bully?, Should I wait at the cafe the whole day, just so I won't miss him?, Do whatever you want., Give me some advice., What about lunch?, You said you didn't feel well yesterday., I did as you said for the duty free shop bidding., Okay, I'll do that., I'll call you tomorrow., This came for the both of you, by courier just now., By courier? From whom?, Just a moment., Have a nice day., Who sent it?, It only says "Choi Eunseok"., Choi Eunseok?, (Choi Eunseok), Test it for DNA., One of these two samples is from your daughter., Eunseok., (My Golden Life), Request a DNA test in secret., Lee Dajung., If I obey you, will you give me your position?, Do you want to beg for mercy?, Don't be ridiculous., What?, Don't be ridiculous., What happened to you?, Jian., Who did this to you?, Hey, offender., Bring me 5,000 dollars until tomorrow midnight,, or you'll be in bigger trouble., Keep this in your mind., What are you doing?, Taking proof to report you for blackmailing., One's clingy and the other is ridiculous., You sisters make me speechless., Is it Jian or Jisu?, I'm here to find out which one is my daughter.

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