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Puisi Jawa Gagr Ditulis author Minggu 23 September 2018 Tulis Komentar Edit. Dec 04 2012 geguritan ing jaman biyen diarani puisi jawa kuna utawa puisi jawa gagrag lawas jalaran kaiket dening guru gatra guru lagu lan guru wilangan. Ing puisi Jawa anyar utawa geguritan kabeh aturan mau ora ana. Puisi Jawa Modern diarani … 0

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Jan 11, 2021 · 50+ Puisi Bahasa Jawa Uga Diarani. Bhs Jawa Kelas 4 worksheet. BASA JAWA KELAS 4 BAB 1 ( Pertemuan 1 ) - YouTube. Geguritan uga diarani puisi jawa - puisi iku ing basa jawa diarani - Soal Ulangan Bahasa Jawa … 1

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Nov 04, 2021 · Ing jaman biyen diarani puisi jawa kuna utawa puisi jawa gagrag lawas . Geguritan gagrak anyar uga diarani puisi jawa model anyar, ora kaiket dening patokan kaya geguritan gagrak lawas,titikane gagrak anyar :. Geguritan atau dalam hal ini puisi jawa … 2

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Jan 21, 2022 · Contoh Puisi Bahasa Jawa (Geguritan) Paling Lengkap. Menulis Puisi Bahasa Jawa – Puisi merupakan salah satu bentuk karya sastra berupa ide atau pemikiran penulis yang tertuang melalui kata-kata indah. Ada cukup banyak orang yang menyukai jenis karya sastra ini. Biasanya puisi menggunakan bahasa Indonesia, bahasa Jawa … 3

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Hi Shalom friends, greetings, sane greetings and full of blessings to all of us in this video, , in this video we will see the reviews and responses from Mr. Bambang Noorsena on, the viral video of a powerful pork for a few days in Jakarta. Let's see his review, , don't skip the year, get more information Oh yes before Continue to the, video. Don't forget to support this channel by subscribing,, liking, commenting and sharing, as much as possible so that more people will be blessed, and receive guidance to find the straight path to Yeshua Hamasiah, . alaihim, salam virtue Merdeka lately we have been shocked by the news of someone who opened, a Padang restaurant with a pork menu. This restaurant is called a potent pork so it means that, the owner of this restaurant frankly says that the restaurant is not, halal according to Islamic classification but the reactions to this restaurant are varied. and Sometimes I think it's, a bit excessive, for example, as stated by one of the top officials of, the Indonesian Ulema Council, even Mrs. Khofifah Indar Parawansa, the Governor of East Java, also commented, and even reacted to this incident, in my opinion, it was a bit too much until she entered one, of the Padang restaurants in Surabaya just to make sure whether the restaurant has a, pork menu or not, usually the weakness of the Minang restaurant is that there is no pork,, right if in Jakarta there is a pork whose name is not clearly stated, it is not halal in, Islam ., by the commitment to Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, this is not yet complete and still needs a long, way to go. Maybe we can see case by case from this very diverse culture of the archipelago, now. Let's look at the Minang community before the 13th century, the influence of Hinduism and Buddhism into, Minang society mostly adhered to religious teachings l okal or VOC religion but also religion. Then, during the Singasari era, Raj Kertanegara with his program called the Pamalayu Expedition began, to exert Hindu-Buddhist influence in the drinking area. The program was called Cakrawala Mandala dwipantara, Cakrawala, which means a broad holistic approach. Mandala is the dream house of the, Singasari king. build a large dome dwipantara Dwipa means the island and between, the islands across from this expression first appears in a number of Hindu Puranic literature in, the BC era which mentions the territory of the country in the Indian Ocean seen from the Indian continent, which he calls the island of Hai jambudwipa. because the Indian continent is similar to blueberries, while the area across from it is called dwipantara this term dwipantara is also mentioned in, the Kalidasa poem written in the 4th century then Kertanegara made this, name the name of the region which would later be called Indonesia in the ancient Javanese language of the archipelago as, the equivalent of the Sanskrit dwipantara, the difference is kelowo, a number of Indian literatures see the islands, in between seen from India. Kertanegara sees the islands outside Java because it is seen from, Java as the center of the Kingdom at that time. Since then, Hindu-Buddhist influences have entered, Hai amino then . Next again, according to Chinese chronicles in 1377, there was a messenger who asked, the Chinese emperor to ratify or request recognition of the territory of the kingdom led by, Adityawarman who was succeeded by his son and it was called the San fusion kingdom which is nothing, but probably referring to the same area now. The Muslim brothers had just entered, the Minang region at the beginning of the 14th century and this can be seen from the notes of, a Portuguese named Tome Pires who at that time was doing junker in the archipelago and wrote in, his book entitled Suma oriental in This book is said to have been around in, 1513 to, 1 year 515-1518 the smell is that there is only one king who embraced Islam. So it means that the, Minang Islamization process went on for quite a long time until later in the 19th century there was a battle between, local values ​​of the Minang people, for example in the, matrilineal kinship system and the entry of Islam. which adheres to, a patrilineal kinship system that eventually gave birth to between the Padri who based Islam, as a role model in managing society and the adat then the fight between these two, groups The Padri were represented by a salapan tiger while the commanded, was represented by Sultan Arifin muningsyah whose war took place between, 1803 In 1838, these indigenous people were pressed by the Padri people in 1821, the adat units of the, tablet unit, like that to the Dutch, and finally the Padri war was drawn into a war against the, original Babylonian invaders, . want Islam more dominant in managing this and that society, which is represented in the expression of adat basandi syarak syarak basandi kitaullah and this is a, rule that is hierarchical in nature, similar to Stefan's theory or stufentheorie's in modern times, and actually this theory of obedience hierarchy is not the first time it has appeared in society., In the ancient archipelago, around the 7th or 6th century, there was Sundanese literature known as Siska, Khandaq ingkar that afternoon, also known as a kind of obedience which was expressed by the expression ", Hai Mangkubumi filial piety in queens of filial piety in adults, Dewata filial piety in which is like contact obedient, to the leadership above, namely the king and the people obey the Gods while the gods, obey Jiang, namely the concept of Godhead That embraces and encapsulates both Shiva, and Buddhism. Therefore, both religions or any religion are welcomed by, the culture of the archipelago as stated in in the ancient Sundanese script that is why Hindus, are given greetings Hung Karana masiwa while horses are also welcomed, no less the realm, of worshiping the banana ring Hulun Panca tathagata, it's all for the good of the, ancient Sundanese people at the time of Hi, . Chapter 7 Dewata Dewata petiti, whose only difference is the traditional expression of Basandi Syara' is in the Sule hierarchical pattern because after all the highest obedience, is given to the Book of Allah according to the Islamic concept so that other religions, certainly do not have a dominant place like Islam and this is different from the concept of, Mangkubumi Bakti being assembled . Ratu filial to the Gods means the King The highest leader in this world is, devoted to the Gods of course Dewa Tanya is invisible meaning Dewa Tanya cannot be directly, verified whether the truth is Hindu or true and because in ancient times people, celebrated for religion and that was very important but when a adhere to a the religion is the best, , the religion is the most final, so remember that other people also have the same view that their, religion is the best, their religion is the most final, so to bridge these differences, these religions are, recognized but reflected back under the concept of the One Godhead which is called, yang and said Jiang That's what has been preserved until now through expressing prayer, which means, worshiping God. This extraordinary and deep local wisdom in the country, finally, sir, the peak was, in the Majapahit era, for example, as an example, what is hierarchical in nature, which, means that religions are recognized as equal before having equal rights. Similarly, the state protects, all religions and the state never enters the private territory of a religion that is left to, their respective religions, that's why during the Majapahit era there were religious officials who represented, certain religious communities, for example the short dharmadyaksa Taiwan to represent the Shiva religion or Hinduism, and the ring kasogatan dharmadyaksa for k represents Buddhism and there is even a Christian name, which maybe it is to accommodate and protect other minority religions., That is the achievement of Majapahit. Why has this country become a reference for, our founding fathers, including the disclosures conveyed in the very famous work of Hai entitled, kakawin purusada Santa or kakawin Sutasoma which reads, "Remember, even though the singular siwatatwa, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Tan Hana Dharma Mangrwa with the collapse of the Majapahit kingdom began and, the country which was inspired or created by the recognition of diversity,, gradually disappeared and the emergence of kingdoms that were characteristic or patterned Certain religions, including, Islamic sultanates, but in other areas, the top management of state development based, on pluralism is still well maintained, for example, in Ambonese society, in Ambonese, society, there is a traditional pattern that binds people of different religions to one another. i the dew community, , namely Pela Gandong, if the Christian clan, or the Muslim clan both tie the, Pela relationship, then there will be good cooperation., The Christian clan will build the church, , so the Muslim community who are bound by Pela with the presentation clan who builds the church and that is also, a very good one who actually continues the state development or state governance, inspired by the spirit of Unity in Diversity, Tan Hana Dharma, understand that this nation's journey has turned out to be, Rejang and the process To rediscover a state film that is truly based on Bhinneka, Tunggal Ika, of course, also throughout the history of this country, which I believe, is still in an ongoing process to become Indonesian and never finished, . our leaders convened, at the BPUPKI Dokuritsu Junbi Cosakai and in this session on July 11, 45,, a state process was put forward based on the recognition of pluralism in which religions are equal, or do we accept the concept of the Jakarta Charter with the formulation of God with the obligation to implement, and enforce Islamic Sharia For its adherents and you, it appears that Bungkarno has made a comeback, even though, Bungkarno, in his speech on June 1, stated very firmly that my heart would celebrate, Raya if an independent Indonesia was established, based on the principle of God in one and only, God, the implication or implementation of which is God without the egoism, of God's religion. with mutual respect, which is called a cultured Godhead., So it does not mean that God is brought by culture, not the way of religion, it is cultured, brothers and sisters,, then the expression of God with the obligation to carry out Islamic law is a commune, between the national group and the goals, a nationalist event on July 11,, Climat time from Raden, Mas Sabri Kusuma published by the publishing body of the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, so in, the trial on July 11, Mister, Latuharhary from Ambon questioned, Bung Karno's questions and answered Bung Karno's questions., -later followers, Latuharhary objected. Why is it that the nugget law in my area can be disrupted, when one religion is used as a reference for the governance of a pluralistic society like Pela, Gandong, which is a bit different from the adat syarak, syarak, basandi, Kitabullah in mas the Minang community, then Bung Karno said "Don't refute the existing agreement and, then Haji Agus Salim who is also from Minang explained how about the governance, of the Minang community based on the adat syarak, syarak, basandi, Kitabullah, even though in the end, the objections from the people of eastern Indonesia were also voiced by Mister Latuharhary, as his spokesman, finally, the founding fathers with a soul yo Very open to, returning to the original formulation offered by Bung Karno, namely divinity in the one and only God,, between facing Basandi Syarak, which is a single hierarchical nature, is certainly different from Mangkubumi bakti, in queens such as Dewata Dewa guesses the hierarchical nature of losses because the religion of the, game is placed on an equal footing and that is the key to the success of the Majapahit Kingdom, in uniting the archipelago as Bung Karno's unit said, we have only, had two national states, first Sr. iwijaya and the second is Majapahit, brothers and sisters,, comparing what is happening in our country I often express my thoughts, Hi by comparing the past of this country and the present even by comparing, other countries I once said that when Malang was a halal city, I questioned who was halal, according to who In, the past, when you read, for example, Mpu Prapanca's work from the Majapahit era, , namely Negarakertagama it was mentioned about favorite foods during, the Majapahit kingdom and there it was mentioned, for example, the boars. wild boar then kebo then, wedus it means goat then kidang kaluang kaluang it means Paniki or bat frog, turtle and so on and what does that mean in the context of the Majapahit society cows are not included because, the cow is an animal that is a symbol of the student vehicle so it should not be eaten Then, there was a shift. When the entry of Islam was due to Islam, on the contrary, the pig was considered, a haram animal while the cow was a halal animal and this transition process was, not easy and when one of the Wali Songo, Sunan Ampel, his Chinese name was, the youngest. Once when I noticed introducing a new religion whose name was Islam, of course, it was considered foreign to the people of Majapahit, so in the Babad Tanah Jawa, even though it was, written in the past, I think it was a sediment of events, that were remembered in the collective memory of the people at that time and it was rubbed down., When the people of Majapahit mocked Sunan Ampel for not eating pork Mulyo ono wong enom, palm cie then there was a young morrow said Marine Putro cem, po . namely Sunan Ampel it is considered his mind t, It's not right, I, don't think it's the savory pork,, Kyuhyun's friend, stupid, pungkang, comes bin ukti. How can the fragrant pork be avoided, it's not eaten, , the Ungkang hut isn't eaten, but it's more interesting, Mindo's meat is ambune, you're grubby, but every time you choose mutton, it smells bad, but what's the reaction from, Kanjeng? Sunan Ampel, he is not angry, strange, hanging Putro, thumbs up, accusing cow Marine, pucah,, Mojopahit, Milo, running away, looking, for Angon. Because he is still young, it would be beautiful if every religion would tolerate tomorrow, , even if he was ridiculed, he was not angry, but considered old. This person is still Just, understand and this policy was continued by Kanjeng Sunan Kudus where until now in order to, maintain good relations with Hindus at that time Muslims were also willing to not eat, beef and substitute buffalo meat and this is something beautiful which is also mandated by, for example, the, Bible all food is destiny but woe to those who because of their food are, brothers it seems to be stumbling And this is the attitude How the early church, faced the controversy between Christians who followed the law of, Moses, . non-Jews who were not required, to follow the law of Moses from the start but follow Noah's law, well, these brothers and sisters also often get, misunderstood, like the misunderstanding about food, for example, when Negarakertagama, actually included meat daghio which Islam considers as meat that should not, be eaten or people, but in the Majapahit era, Hinduism, which was the guideline, was, allowed to eat cows instead of eating them, so according to who it was haram, even if in the, Bible it was also immersed in even family, even if in the Bible the expression of, Hebrew Tamin means translated into English. Indonesia h Aramaic does not refer to, animals that are unclean or hygienically unclean, no, but it means animals, that are not worthy to be sacrificed according to the Torah, but people who recognize that, other nations have their own sacrifices permitted by God, for example the Arabs as, victims . The birthday of the Arabs is as stated in the Barbie diamond inscription or whose figure is, also mentioned in the book of numbers the victim is a pig and there is no problem in the, Torah we can directly read the reference how the Jews understand this because Christianity, cannot be separated from Judaism how the Jews understand the rules regarding tetuko mattresses, , which Sherlock user, which hirmanas are not clean to eat, in the context of, Judaism, we can read the Torah directly, which means that when Christians read the Torah, , it is the same as the Jewish thorn, even though the interpretation of the coming of the Messiah, is different. Are you in or not it's true to say the Torah is fake How false nearly, 2000 years of christianity have been separated by a little It's still the same and this is the thorn of jews, I consider this the same scripture that I believe in Christ because of what, christianity used to be from the part of judaism and in The Torah is specifically mentioned in Faril, 's brother Heleh Article 6 paragraph 20 Kies over the limur room cabin and if later your children, ask Maha edot Are the BH warnings possible or the provisions of jihanibs, Fatim or Acer regulations Oh neik hello hello at GBI set by God, you are crazy then answer the following verses so here in this Jewish law, I repeat it so we understand Hi The first is what is known as menstruation. But that means, these warnings only apply to Jews e.g. the observances of, feasts such as the Sabbath apply only to the Yah udi does not apply to qoyyim because of, what, in Jewish society even today there is someone called my best friend, so, non-Jewish people work for Jews in restaurants, for example on the, Sabbath. This is proof that from the start there was no compulsion of the law This to the, second Gentile, WH Victim, what does it mean, maybe it is a legal rule that has no reason, and it is included in that rule. Leviticus chapter 11 is not allowed to eat, for example, a camel, a rabbit , a, pig, cannot be heavy, paint is prohibited from eating pork, it is equal to the weight of the substance. it is forbidden, to eat birthdays or rabbits, so it means that this Jewish law from the beginning was like that, only the, last one called hamish Fatin was finished, surely it was universal rules,, don't steal, don't kill, don't commit adultery, are universal, . of the three laws was finally further enhanced by the, rap i in Talmud babli or Talmud yerushalmi both contain their writings in the tractate, sanhedrin 56 a6am Payang it is regulated there for non-Jews to apply to them the law of the spirit, called Syifa Hey guys Fort Vincent Noah 7 the law is actually based on, the book of Genesis chapter 9 or the server cleans up chapter 90 later in the sanhedrin tract it is, formulated in seven sequences, so in the end it comes from the tidy later, but the substance is the same before the time of Jesus when the time of Jesus was also carried out, including the discovery, of a script called a saver. Hayu film in the fourth cave of the script The Dead Sea also has rules, regarding Newton's laws. Like this, the first in the Canfield 56 treaty is cold, meaning, the holding of a fair trial, the second, Abu Zarah's prohibition is the worship of different kinds of, foreigners because it is based on the text in the Torah. Write mention Luwih Yi Mbak protect him as send, Alfan up, don't have it with you, God Another thing in front of the audience, then the third prohibition against, doing kiled Hasyim, namely insulting God, insulting God's name, then the next thing is Jin, Dwi Aryo, sexual immorality, yes, then next, Wi kesel-kesel means violent robbery, and the next is Civic Cut daming, which is committing violence the blood feeder of murder, and the seventh is called freefer minha Kai which means eating, a strangled animal where the blood is still there. The symbol of life is still in it. Therefore,, according to the criteria, it is lacking, namely until today from the past until now if we slaughter sheep, or Goats or cows that do not meet the requirements, including for example, molesting animals, , then the meat is classified as carrion. So if it does not meet the requirements and Jewish law,, it can be sold to non-Jews. So it does not mean that Jews approve of other nations eating, carrion, not Bang Tedi. t when the slaughter, is according to Jewish law Now, brothers and sisters, the law that has been in effect since the time of Moses and according to you, for, the prophet Jonah, the Messiah will be guaranteed to be the Messiah between the Gentiles and the Jews, that is, why in the early church, the Christians had two backgrounds., First, those who have a Jewish background, still apply the law of Moses, , which is then classified as pick-and-drop, so Miss World Music continues to practice, that's why his name is, Petrus Paulus Andreas. Surely they have never eaten pork, but what about other nations, , who from the start did The law of Moses does not apply to them and that is according to the Torah's, own record according to its own Jewish interpretation, for example the sanhedrin tract which I mentioned earlier was not, blamed, that's why Christians came from a Jewish background whose center was, in Jerusalem led by the Apostle James, brother of Christ and the Antioch church in Syria., that comes from those who are not Jews and from the beginning they have eaten pork and eaten camels, and that is guaranteed by the Torah, brothers and sisters, so from among the Jews themselves,, Christians with Jewish backgrounds, there are two groups of Greek-speaking Jews, because it was about part 3 BC the relationship between the Jews and the Greeks was very good and, the great achievement was the translation of the Torah book known as the Septuagint, so, it survived at the time of Jesus and the apostles who were called the Greek-speaking Jews,, so because of the universality of Jerusalem to the west it used the lingua the franca, is Greek, the new kitchen is in Greek, while the one in the east to the south, and east is Arabic, so there are Jews who speak Aramaic or Hebrew, then the, other one is the Antioch congregation who really come from non-Jewish circles and, that's clear in the hours of the first Lia posporit chair held at Russia glued in the year 49 Massaid, , so the question is what about Christians who don't eat pork, it, 's okay, they are those who follow concentration and it's not wrong to be wrong if people who, don't eat pork are burning and people who eat pork because it was from the beginning guaranteed by both, Jewish law and the basis is the Torah itself and this is the plurality of Israeli society, which from the apostolic era to the present day is well preserved. So if there are, relatives who have gone to Israel, yes, until modern times there are Israelis who are Muslim, and The representative of the Islamic community in Israel, for example, recently contacted Hi, , the translation of the Koran in Hebrew, HAM F1, how the word Bismillahirrohmanirrohim in, Hebrew was translated with Iluh in-ha Rachman waraku basecamp, it is very interesting, this phenomenon and the representative of Islam in Jerusalem accepted completely when Muslims are classified, as like carrying out the law lu Lu when the so-called 7 laws for Banyu in Hebrew Syifa Miss, World Noah's film was translated in Arabic into saffah wash I up close, thus Islam is classified as applicable to its law does not apply to Torah law, Why because Muslims are allowed to make sacrifices camels because Muslims can eat rabbits, because Muslims can eat meat, squeeze their mother's milk which is not allowed for people who are physically,, So actually Muslims and non-Jewish Christians have the same status, namely doing the law, not obeying, the law of Moses, so it is not true if someone accuses Paul of having frees us, from which law Paul freed when Paul forbade Titus to be circumcised because, Titus was indeed a Greek who did not apply the Jewish law or the Mosaic law but, Paul reminded Timothy that his mother was clearly a Jew, so this young model, needs to be imitated. Indonesian people Isra el, when talking about concerts, it's more, than halal because Muslims can still eat rabbits, can they eat meat, with their mother's milk, they can still eat squid, they can still have birthdays but Jews are more, than Muslims but they allow colored cashews The red color written by Lupus, er means that it is not halal, for example making a burger where the milk and meat are eaten, together does not comply with the Torah law but side by side with the blue mighty which is, written in boarding house. It would be nice if patterns like this could be done in Indonesia, so, who did it first ? Halal according to who was first and we don't need to interfere with each other because, each religion has its own revelation, its own guidance or prophet, which of course, cannot be seen from the perspective of other religions. Hopefully, Indonesia will be given the space, . This country from, the barriers at primordialism the narrow and stuffy barriers of fanaticism that cannot see, the future of Indonesia, which from the beginning by God allowed to live Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, the faces of Bhinneka Tunggal, Ika are different but still one, thank God, may God bless us all, hello , here, 's the video, friends, thank you Thank you to my friends who have stopped by for the first, time. Let's be friends with me by subscribing, and don't forget to turn on, the notification bell, so that every time there is a new video from the Barokah line, you are, the first to receive the notification. Oh yeah, don't forget to respond and your, positive opinion in the comments column Ok God bless you and see you to the next video Thank you so

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