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77 Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang Tentang Tata Krama

drama bahasa jawa 6 orang tentang tata krama

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang - lasopatell

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang - lasopatell 0

Drama Bahasa Jawa 2 Orang Singkat - 7 Contoh Teks Naskah Drama Pendek Persahabatan 5 6 7 Orang

Dec 26, 2021 · “ Tata Krama “Drama Bahasa JawaX Mipa 2Kelompok 2 | Sift BSma Negeri 2 Ngawi Sinopsis :Nyritakake bocah sing nduweni watak angkuh, manja, lan senengane benta... 1

Naskah Drama Keong Mas Bahasa Jawa : Legenda Adalah Dalam Bahasa Jawa - Yung aranku candrakirana

Aug 12, 2015 · Sugeng ndalu kanca sedaya, naskah drama bahasa jawa persahabatan menjenguk teman sakit di bawah ini merupakan contoh sebuah drama menggunakan bahasa … 2

Drama bahasa jawa

Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang. Sugeng Ndalu Kanca Sedaya, Bagi Teman-Teman Yang Sedang Mencari Referensi Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang langsung Saja Bisa Kita Simak … 3

Percakapan Bahasa Jawa Dengan Orang Tua –

Sep 11, 2022 · Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang Drama 2 orang bahasa jawa. Conto Surat Sandiwara tradisional Banyol Wong Tujuh. Membuat Sandiwara tradisional Bahasa … 4

Drama Bahasa Jawa 4 Orang Tentang Persahabatan - Ruang Jawaban

10 contoh naskah drama komedi persahabatan bahasa jawa singkat. Contoh percakapan bahasa jawa krama alus 2 orang 1220542 1. Contoh percakapan bahasa jawa krama alus 2 … 5

Drama Bahasa Jawa 4 Orang Tentang Persahabatan - Ruang Jawaban

Usbn Bahasa Jawa 1 Contoh pidato bahasa jawa krama selanjutnya adalah tentang budi pekerti.Secara sederhana bahasa jawa ngoko digunakan oleh seseorang pada seseorang lain … 6

Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang – Mudah

Orang Jawa séndiri banyak yang memiIih bahasa Indonesia sébagai bahasa pengantar dáripada bahasa Jawa. Karena kemudahan dan kebiasaan dalam menggunakan bahasa Indonesia, … 7

Menarik 10 Drama Bahasa Jawa Lucu 4 Orang Paling Seru

Dalam artikel ini dibahas tentang contoh dialog bahasa jawa krama alus yang terbaru, Silahkan baca selengkapnya di sini. Most speakers of Javanese also speak, the standardized form of … 8

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa Cerita Rakyat 6 Orang - Berbagai Naskah

Begitulah yang dialami oleh dua kelompok remaja murid smp 4 sindang ini. Naskah drama bahasa jawa 6 orang lucu. Cerita dimulai dari kisah 5 orang sahabat yang bersekolah di satu … 9

Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 8 Orang - Contoh Resource

Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 8 Orang - Contoh Resource 10

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang - Sumber Pengetahuan

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang - Sumber Pengetahuan 11

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang – Goreng

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang – Goreng 12

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 2 Orang - Berbagai Naskah

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 2 Orang - Berbagai Naskah 13

Contoh Drama Bahasa Jawa - Aneka Contoh

Contoh Drama Bahasa Jawa - Aneka Contoh 14

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa Dan Unsur Intrinsiknya – denah

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa Dan Unsur Intrinsiknya – denah 15

Naskah Drama Tentang Rawa Pening - Dalam kelas 10 sma sedang berlangsung pelajaran sejarah.

Naskah Drama Tentang Rawa Pening - Dalam kelas 10 sma sedang berlangsung pelajaran sejarah. 16

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa 4 Orang – retorika

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa 4 Orang – retorika 17

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa -

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa - 18

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang - Sumber Pengetahuan

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 6 Orang - Sumber Pengetahuan 19

Contoh Pacelathon Bahasa Jawa 2 Orang Singkat – Berbagai Contoh

Contoh Pacelathon Bahasa Jawa 2 Orang Singkat – Berbagai Contoh 20

Abizar Al Khalifi Suwarno: Contoh naskah drama 6 orang singkat bahasa jawa tema sosial

Abizar Al Khalifi Suwarno: Contoh naskah drama 6 orang singkat bahasa jawa tema sosial 21

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa -

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa - 22

Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa Sepuluh Orang - Thegorbalsla

Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa Sepuluh Orang - Thegorbalsla 23

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 5 Orang Pemain - Pendukung Ilmu

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 5 Orang Pemain - Pendukung Ilmu 24

Drama Bahasa Sunda Untuk 6 Orang Pemain - interiorslasopa

Drama Bahasa Sunda Untuk 6 Orang Pemain - interiorslasopa 25

Drama Bahasa Jawa

Drama Bahasa Jawa 26

Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 5 Orang Timun Mas / Contoh naskah drama pendek) jumlah pemeran:

Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 5 Orang Timun Mas / Contoh naskah drama pendek) jumlah pemeran: 27

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa -

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa - 28

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa Untuk 6 Orang Menggunakan Bahasa Krama - aroundlasopa

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa Untuk 6 Orang Menggunakan Bahasa Krama - aroundlasopa 29

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa Legenda Rawa Pening / Danau ini memiliki kisah legenda yang menarik.

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa Legenda Rawa Pening / Danau ini memiliki kisah legenda yang menarik. 30

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa -

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Jawa - 31

Drama Bahasa Jawa 2 Orang Singkat - 7 Contoh Teks Naskah Drama Pendek Persahabatan 5 6 7 Orang

Drama Bahasa Jawa 2 Orang Singkat - 7 Contoh Teks Naskah Drama Pendek Persahabatan 5 6 7 Orang 32

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 5 Orang Pemain - Pendukung Ilmu

Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 5 Orang Pemain - Pendukung Ilmu 33

Powerfull Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 4 Orang Perempuan, Paling Populer!

Powerfull Naskah Drama Bahasa Jawa 4 Orang Perempuan, Paling Populer! 34

Don't let Ayşe slip away, today., Find out at what time she's leaving., Of course, ma'am., Ayşe will fall into my trap, and lead me to Melek., You'll find her, ma'am., I'll find her, and I'll ruin her., You can leave now., Where have you been, Gonca?, Good morning to you too, Ayşe., Good morning, good morning., Take these., Good morning, Selim Bey., Good morning, Gonca., I'm starving., You've made a great breakfast again, Ayşe., Not really, but thank you., Come on, Gonca. Don't just stand there., Good morning., Where are your manners?, But, I'm starving., What are you, a child?, Uncle, aunt, good morning., The princess is awake. Come here., I'm starving. I'll eat you a little., Uncle!, Aunt, save me!, -Hello. -Hello., Zeynep, is that you?, Yes, it's me., How is Melek? Is she okay?, She needs to undergo a few last tests. The doctor says she can leave at noon., Thank God. Our prayers have been answered. I'm so happy., Thank you, Ayşe., I'll come and pick her up at the hospital., You don't need to. I'm already here., I want to. Today's an important day., Thank you, Ayşe., I won't keep you. Take care., Thank you. Goodbye., Mom, I don't want any cheese., What did I tell you, sweetie?, I want bread with chocolate spread., First, finish what's on your plate., I don't want to!, Here, open your mouth., Tuğçe!, I said, I don't want it!, Tuğçe!, Sit down., Kenan., Sit., Arzu, give Tuğçe some cheese., She isn't going anywhere until she finishes her plate., Good morning., Yes., Honey, you won't grow up if you don't eat., I'll take you to the amusement park if you eat it all., Ayfer is coming over, today. Don't get her hopes up., Well, you and Ayfer Hanım can hang out together., Ayfer's son, Mert, might come over as well., And?, What do you mean, "And"?, He's back from abroad, and wants to visit us., Isn't Mert a friend of yours?, Mom, the last time I saw him, he was learning how to ride a bike., It's nice talking to you, but I have to go. Tell Mert I say hello., Mom., Ayfer is coming over with her son today, and you'll be here., Take a deep breath., All right, you can lie down., So, she's okay, doctor?, She really surprised us. She fought hard and made it., She looks fine now. We'll do one last test. Then, you can go., But, her condition is still serious., She needs to rest at home., Of course. Thank you., Melek, I'll run home and bring back some clean clothes., There's no need, Zeynep. I can go like this., Nonsense. I'll go and get them., Zeynep, your father is already angry. He'll upset you. Don't go., Don't worry, dear. I can handle it., Ayşe, I'm expecting guests this afternoon. Put off whatever else you're doing., This should be your main focus., Well, ma'am..., Everything needs to be perfect. I don't want any mistakes., Şerife can take over your other tasks., Mother, I'd like you to excuse Ayşe for today., Why?, Sıtkiye Hanım has finished my dress. I want Ayşe to pick it up., Why doesn't Gonca take care of that?, Gonca will be arranging my wardrobe. Afterwards, she can help you., All right, then. If that's what you want., Ayşe, tell Şerife and Gonca what they need to do., Then, you can go. If anything goes wrong, I'll hold you responsible., All right, Aliye Hanım., Thank you, God., You haven't separated me from my Elif., Thank you., Zeynep, don't get caught., The door is open., What happened in here? What's this mess?, Dad, what are you up to again?, You told me we'd be rich. They fooled us., How could I have known?, You can't do anything right., Don't say that. Did you see how I punched him?, Sure, whatever. I was going to make them pay, anyway., Now, let's focus on paying that gambling debt., Zeynep, to what do we owe this pleasure?, What happened to this house, Murat? It's a mess., Calm down. Take it easy., Clean it up, if it bothers you so much., Be quiet. What are you two up to this time?, That's none of your business., Where are you? Is Dad with you?, Yes, why?, Are you on your way over here?, Zeynep, you talk too much. We'll be gone for a few of days. Goodbye., Please, come home. I miss you so much., Ayşe., Yes, Arzu Hanım?, Go and pick up my dress., Today?, What do you mean? You don't want to go?, Or, do you have something more important to do?, No, Arzu Hanım. I'll go and pick it up., Mom, I'll be in my room., Aren't you going to work today?, No, I have things to do here., In the greenhouse?, No. Hasan's coming over., What for? Why is he coming? What's wrong?, It's regarding the employees. I'll tell you later., If you have no further questions, may I go to my room?, Sure., Grandma! That girl is stupid!, You shouldn't say that., I don't care!, I want her to leave this house!, Okay. Don't cry, sweetie., Go to your room. I'll handle it., Ayşe, why did you bring that girl here? It's just a problem for us to deal with., This house is no longer peaceful., Ma'am., How many times have I told you? Knock before you come in., I came to tell you about Ayşe., -Don't tell me she's left. -No, she's still here., Then, why are you scaring me like that?, I'm telling you, so that you won't worry., Enough talking, or we'll miss Ayşe before she leaves., You'll take your medicine, and you'll get better., Okay, sweetheart?, Listen, dear., I'm going out now, okay?, Will you be back soon?, Yes, dear., Hüsnü is planting some flowers, out there. I'll leave you with him., Stay with him until I'm back, okay?, Let's go, sweetie., Come on., The test results are good. You're fine, now., But, you must take good care of yourself., You must continue to rest at home., Watch your diet, and don't skip your checkups., I don't want to see you back here., Thank you very much, doctor., You're welcome., I brought clean clothes. Get ready, so we can go., All right, Zeynep., Come in, Hasan. Have a seat., Thank you., Hasan, I need your opinion about something., I'll try my best., Do you think we can do anything with our plot of land near Çeşmebayırı?, That land hasn't been used in a while., Do you think it would be difficult to plow?, Yes, but we can handle it., The last time I saw it, it was very dry., Indeed., The last time we planted something there was before your father passed away., But, we should go and check it out., Let's go have a look, then., Sure., Don't you listen? I told you our guests will be here soon., What should I do about it?, Go to your room, and get ready. Fix your hair or something., Don't just sit around., Mom, I'm going out today., Have I been wasting my breath?, I'm bored of sitting around. I want to get some fresh air., Really? You sit around all day without leaving the house., And now, suddenly, you want to go out? You're not going anywhere., Mom, please., You don't want to stay here because Mert might be coming over?, Come on. Go to your room and get fixed up. I want you to stay here., Ayşe. Are you leaving?, Yes, ma'am., Don't be too late. We need to talk., Excuse me. What is it about?, That girl. She and Tuğçe keep fighting., I don't want her wandering around the house. Talk to her., All right, ma'am. I'll take care of it. See you later., Ma'am, she's leaving. Hurry up., Quick, give me my car keys., What's going on? Where are you going?, I'm going shopping. I need to get out for a while., -Why did you send Ayşe, then? -All right, see you later!, What's the rush?, Where do you think you're going?, I'm coming with you, ma'am., Mind your own business. You're wasting my time., Now, let's take this flower from here., And let's place it here, without hurting it., In this flower pot., Is that its new home now?, Yes, it is., But, won't it miss its real home?, No, it won't., It will be happier and more comfortable here., Here, it will grow up to be big., Give me that small flowerpot. Let's plant a flower for you, too., Give it to me., Now, this will be your flower., Here, hold it., Now, you're responsible for it., Ayşe is clearly up to something., They think they can trick me., I sacrificed too much to be a part of this family., I won't let you ruin it., You're angry with me, but we still got one third of the money we needed., It's better than nothing., Sure, whatever. Those scumbags., They're the biggest thieves. We need to be careful., So, how much will we pay right now?, Half., Let's go and pay these guys., Then, I want to go home and relax., I'm so exhausted., Dad, do you think they'll give us a hard time for not paying the whole debt?, Let's go. Keep walking., -Hello. -Hello., What are you doing here, all alone?, I was looking for Zeynep. Do you know where she is?, I haven't seen her today. She's probably not here., I guess I'll sit with you for a while., There you are., Did you think you could get away from me?, This will be easier than I thought., A little faster, please., Thank God. I'll finally get to see Elif. I can hug and kiss my little baby., Things will be better now, Melek., I hope so, Zeynep. I really hope so., Ayşe's bringing Elif with her, right?, What's wrong, Melek?, Zeynep, Elif can't be here right now., Why not?, Zeynep, your father..., My father?, Your father..., To pay his gambling debt..., To pay his gambling debt, he wanted to take Elif., He wanted to hand her over to some people., Melek, what are you talking about?, I'm going to lose my mind! He tried to do that? I can't believe it!, Zeynep., He's your father. Don't say that., Elif is safe now. She's with Ayşe., So Dad and Murat actually wanted to take Elif?, Yes., So, that's why Elif's there., No. We can't go back home, then., We'll find a place to stay, and we'll bring Elif with us., It doesn't look too bad. What do you think?, The soil here is very fertile., What should we plant here?, It's too late to plant tomatoes., That's true., And vegetables wouldn't be very lucrative., Maybe wheat, then?, The land is flat., You're right, sir. And we'll have an easier time selling it., Good, then. We're planting wheat here, in the fall. Start plowing., You haven't used this plot for years., If you don't mind my asking, why the sudden interest?, It's for something good., I can't take you home, Melek., Where else can we go?, I don't know. I have no idea., Regardless, I can't let you stay with Dad., You've just recovered., I'll find a solution. Don't worry., So, you couldn't take the exam., No, I couldn't., Well, go and speak with the professor. Perhaps you can take a makeup exam., Professor Eser? You must be kidding., There's no harm in trying., I can talk to the professor if you'd like., Thank you, but that won't be necessary., I don't think it'll work., She doesn't like me, anyway., All right. As you wish., I'll be in trouble if I fail the same class again., I need to get a good grade in the final exam, at least., We can study together for the finals, if you want., Maybe. But first, I need to find the class notes., Complete and detailed notes., I would have given you mine, but I don't take notes during class., I think Zeynep took notes., Zeynep will probably use them herself. She can't give them to you., Anyway, I have to go now., I'm going to study in the computer room., See you later., Hello?, Feride. It's Zeynep., I'm fine, thanks., Melek is fine, too., Actually, that's why I'm calling., We need a place to stay for a while., I was thinking of that apartment of yours that you don't use., Of course. I understand. It's no problem., All right, dear. Yes, see you., Zeynep, we can't just ask everyone. Let's go home., No, Melek. What about my father?, Talk to the laborers. Start plowing the soil., We can start tomorrow., Good. This way, we can start harvesting without delay., It's a good idea, sir. This plot has just been sitting here for years., We can put it to use, now. We can reap its benefits., For the next two years, this land will be yours., Ours?, You, Cafer and Ahmet will work on it. Keep the crop and the profits., That's too much, sir. You always pay us fairly., We're well compensated for our work., So? You'll be putting more work into it now., Yes, but..., Children bring a lot of expenses. School, a wedding, and so forth., I want you to have everything you need, Hasan., I don't know what to say. Cafer and Ahmet will be very surprised., This is between us. Don't say anything until we harvest the crop., All right, sir., If the land gives us what we need, they will learn about it eventually., At last, you're here., Where's the rest of it?, That's all we could come up with., Are you kidding me? What do you mean?, It means, that's all we're giving you right now., Well, well, well. The boy's all grown up., Did you raise him to be your spokesperson, Veysel?, Of course not, İdris., He just got a little carried away., Shut up! Or I'll have you carried away!, Not only is your payment late, but it's also incomplete., İdris, give me a few more days. I'll get the rest of it next week., No! That boat has sailed! You'll bring the girl!, Do you understand? Or I'll cut you up and feed you to the dogs!, What girl?, It won't be for long, just until we find a new place., No, of course not. I understand. You're right., Okay, dear. See you later., Zeynep, come on. Let's go home., All right. I'll figure something out before they get back., Veysel and Murat?, You should have seen the house yesterday. It was a huge mess., And they weren't even home., They must have gotten in trouble again., My father is capable of anything., Veysel, Veysel., He ruined himself, and now, he's taking Murat down with him., Let's go., Sure., Zeynep, call Ayşe, and warn her not to come all the way here for nothing., All right., Hello?, Hello, Ayşe. We're leaving the hospital., All right. I'll be there shortly. I'm on my way., Really? I'll go to your house, then., All right., Turn around, please. We're going somewhere else instead., What's she doing?, We've been after you for a week! I can't give you more time!, İdris, please. Let me explain., We wouldn't have come here if we had ulterior motives., We could have disappeared. But we're not like that. Right, son?, The kids have already left., Let's just take this, and get the rest next week., Dad. What kids?, All right. We'll give you one more week. You'll bring the rest of the money., Otherwise, you'll regret it., Okay, İdris. We will. Don't worry., You have beautiful petals., Did you drink water? Are you still thirsty?, Hüsnü, Aliye Hanım wants to see you., I'll be right there., I'll be right back, sweetie. You keep playing with your flower., Hüsnü, I'm hungry., Hüsnü., You, stay here, okay?, What have you done?, What are you doing here?, You just keep causing trouble!, I..., Clean up this mess right now, before I spank you., You brat., They'll feed you to the dogs if they see this mess!, Pick up that broken glass., Go on, do it! Clean that up!, When I get back, I want this place clean. Do you understand?, What happened here?, She dropped the jar, and insisted on cleaning it up., Let me do it, kid., Are you okay, dear? Here, get up., Luckily, you didn't cut yourself., Leave it, we can take care of it. We'll do it, sweetie., What a sensible child., Şerife, the pastries., Şerife, I'm coming!, Gonca, please clean up the floor., "Gonca, please clean up.", You'll clean it thoroughly, understand?, What are you waiting for? Do it, you brat., Clean it properly., You created a huge mess., Let's see you explain this to Aliye Hanım., You brat., Come in., What happened here?, Those jerks., Look at this mess., Be careful., Here., God damn it! Where did she go?, Where is she? Where?, Zeynep, I'm being a nuisance., Don't say that, you're like a sister to me., You should rest as well. You must be very tired., I'm fine. Don't worry., You can stop at the corner., Here is fine., Have a good day., Where did she suddenly go? How could I have missed her?, -Welcome. -Thank you., Listen to me! If you tell anyone what happened here,, I'll cut you up, and feed you to the dogs myself. Do you understand?, I said, do you understand?, I understand., What do you understand? What will you do? Tell me., I won't talk., I won't say anything to anyone., Thank God you're okay, Melek., Ayşe., Lie down, dear. Rest., Elif is okay, right? And my father doesn't know where she is, right?, No, dear. She's somewhere safe., When will I get her back?, When you find a way to get out of here, Melek., I can't bring her back here, right now., I promise, Melek. I'll save us all from here., You, me and Elif. Believe me., How will that happen, Zeynep?, It will happen. You, just stay strong and healthy, okay?, I have to go to school., I have an exam., Once I'll have finished school, I can more easily find a job., Everything will be easier., Just hang in there., Go on, dear. Go and finish school. But, do it for yourself., No. For all of us., Melek, are you all right now? What did the doctor say?, She said I was doing better., She told me to take my medication, and not miss my checkups., But that's not important. Tell me, how is Elif?, She's okay. Don't worry., Does she have any worries?, What worries can a little girl have?, She's at the estate all day long., She plays with lambs, horses, goats and flowers., She's in good spirits., She's had a good appetite since she arrived at the estate., She must have put on some weight., As long as my baby is happy., Does she ask about me?, She does, but there isn't much I can say., I tell her you'll come and pick her up once you've recovered., I miss her so much. I can't wait to see her., Melek, please don't be like this., You've just left the hospital. Your daughter is doing very well., Let me make you some soup. You just rest., What are you doing here?, Get up. Go back to where you came from., Come here. Don't run away!, Where are you, woman? Where did you disappear to?, She's nowhere! Nowhere!, Damn!, Melek, you poor thing., Are the cookies ready?, They're still in the oven. I'll take them out now., Hurry up. They should be here soon., All right., I keep telling you we're having guests, and that's what you wear?, You asked me to change my clothes, and that's what I did., And that's what you chose?, Should I wear a fancy dress instead?, Go and put on something more suitable. That's too casual., Here you are. I was looking for you., What for?, I wanted to ask you something., Ask, then. I'm in a hurry., Your class notes for the statistics course., What will you do with them?, I'm going to eat them., I need them for studying, and nobody else has them., I have notes, but they're at home. I'll bring them tomorrow., Okay. Thanks a lot., Yes!, Your guest is here, Aliye Hanım., Welcome, Ayfer., Thank you, Aliye., Please, have a seat., Where is Mert?, He really wanted to come and see you., But something important came up at the last moment., That's too bad. I hope I get to see him soon., I hope so too., Welcome., Thank you. İpek has changed so much., She's very beautiful. You're very lucky., How are things? How is Mert?, Come here! Don't run away from me!, You two stay here and chat. I'll go and check on Elif and Tuğçe., Who's Elif?, Dad, that was just like in the movies., Son, have you lost your mind?, We'd be dead right now if he had shot us., But, I protected you. I'm a man now., Sure. Right., -Dad. -What now?, They were talking about some child. A girl, or something. What's up with that?, Mind your own business., You're always around me. Don't you have friends or something?, Dad!, Welcome, ma'am. You'll never guess what happened today., Aliye Hanım's guest's son didn't show up. He was busy, or something., Aliye Hanım got really annoyed., And that's not all. Elif..., Gonca, don't you have things to do? Just leave me alone., Ayşe, have you just arrived?, Excuse me, Arzu Hanım. I lost track of time., I can see that., I'll take this to your room., I'm not done with you yet., Look who's here. Melek Hanım., So, you've returned to your nest., What's with all this? You've turned the house into a hospital., Won't you welcome your husband?, Hey! I'm talking to you!, Look at me! No more running away. You'll answer me! Where is Elif?, Let go of my arm!, Look at her! Look at her!, Did you think you could fool me, conspiring with that woman?, Who are you to meddle in my business?, What trick were you trying to pull at the hospital?, You thought I wouldn't find Elif?, Do you know who you're dealing with?, Do you really think I'd fall for that? Tell me where Elif is, or I'll kill you!, I'd rather die!, You're trying to confront me? I'll kill you! I'll kill you!, Kill me, do whatever you want. But you won't touch my daughter., How dare you talk back to me? I'll kill you!, Who are you to confront me?, What are you doing? She almost died!, My baby., I missed your smell so much., Mommy, where are you? When will you come and get me?, Elif, sweetie, what happened?, Nothing., Don't cry, darling., Let's go to my mother., Oh my! Did you plant a flower?, This looks beautiful., I planted this one for my mother. I'll take it to her., We will., When?, When this flower is grown, I'll take you to your mother., My dear daughter., Be patient. I'll come and get you., We'll be reunited again., Be patient, Elif. Please, be patient.

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