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73 Contoh Naskah Podcast Pdf

contoh naskah podcast pdf

Membuat Naskah Podcast, Biar Nggak Ngelantur Sana Sini | Sara Neyrhiza | Praktisi dan Pengajar

Membuat Naskah Podcast, Biar Nggak Ngelantur Sana Sini | Sara Neyrhiza | Praktisi dan Pengajar 0

Contoh Naskah Pidato Singkat Hari Pahlawan.docx

Feb 21, 2021 · Contoh Naskah Podcast. 1. Opening. Hai, apakabar semuanya, Dita disini siap berbagi cerita, tentunya masih di podcast kesayangan kamu semua, kisah cinta kamu, aku, kita. Tentu saja … 1

Contoh Naskah Moderator Dan Narasumber | PDF

Naskah Drama Komedi Lucu Terbaru. Panas Dingin Hati muncul di bulan Oktober 2018 dan masih berjalan hingga sekarang. Beberapa Contoh Layanan Podcast Setelah mengetahui cara berlangganan podcast anda bisa mulai mencoba mendownload dan pastinya mendengarkan beberapa layanan podcast … 2

Contoh Script Podcast - Pencari Soal

Contoh Script Podcast - Pencari Soal 3

90+ Contoh Naskah Podcast Kesehatan

90+ Contoh Naskah Podcast Kesehatan 4

Contoh Naskah Podcast -

Contoh Naskah Podcast - 5

Contoh Naskah Pembawa Acara | PDF

Contoh Naskah Pembawa Acara | PDF 6

Contoh Sinopsis Dan Naskah Film Pendek | PDF

Mar 02, 2022 · Contoh Naskah Podcast Pendidikan. admin on Maret 2, 2022. Contoh Naskah Podcast Pendidikan. Proses daur air (hujan) tujuan siswa mampu mendeskrisikan bagaimana terjadinya hujan. Contoh teks dialog drama dibawah ini untuk adegan drama yang diaminkan oleh 3 orang pemain. √ Naskah Host Untuk Video Podcast… 7

Contoh Naskah Akademik | PDF

Contoh Naskah Akademik | PDF 8



Contoh Naskah Video Pembelajaran

Contoh Naskah Video Pembelajaran 10

Contoh Naskah Podcast -

Contoh Naskah Podcast - 11

Contoh Naskah MC | PDF

Contoh Naskah MC | PDF 12

80+ Contoh Naskah Podcast Lucu

80+ Contoh Naskah Podcast Lucu 13

Contoh Naskah Podcast -

Contoh Naskah Podcast - 14

Contoh Naskah Drama Detik

Contoh Naskah Drama Detik 15

80+ Contoh Naskah Podcast Lucu

80+ Contoh Naskah Podcast Lucu 16

Contoh Naskah Pidato Perpisahan Sekolah Berdasaran Kerangka Naskah Pidato | PDF

Contoh Naskah Pidato Perpisahan Sekolah Berdasaran Kerangka Naskah Pidato | PDF 17

Contoh Naskah Pidato Peringatan Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW - Media Pidato

Contoh Naskah Pidato Peringatan Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW - Media Pidato 18

Contoh Naskah Pidato Kenakalan Remaja | PDF

Contoh Naskah Pidato Kenakalan Remaja | PDF 19

Contoh Naskah Pembawa Acara REUNI SEKOLAH | PDF

Contoh Naskah Pembawa Acara REUNI SEKOLAH | PDF 20

Contoh Naskah Pildacil | PDF

Contoh Naskah Pildacil | PDF 21

Contoh Naskah MC Acara Resmi | PDF

Contoh Naskah MC Acara Resmi | PDF 22

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Contoh Naskah Pidato Bahasa Sunda | PDF 23

Naskah Drama Cerita Rakyat 5 Orang - Pendukung Ilmu

Naskah Drama Cerita Rakyat 5 Orang - Pendukung Ilmu 24

78 Script Contoh Naskah Podcast

78 Script Contoh Naskah Podcast 25

Contoh Naskah Drama Komedi Dimainkan 5 Orang

Contoh Naskah Drama Komedi Dimainkan 5 Orang 26

78 Script Contoh Naskah Podcast

78 Script Contoh Naskah Podcast 27

Contoh Naskah Berita | PDF

Contoh Naskah Berita | PDF 28

Contoh Naskah Pidato Kata Sambutan Acara Resepsi Pernikahan

Contoh Naskah Pidato Kata Sambutan Acara Resepsi Pernikahan 29

Contoh Naskah Pidato Tema Motivasi Diri Dan Kemandirian

Contoh Naskah Pidato Tema Motivasi Diri Dan Kemandirian 30

78 Script Contoh Naskah Podcast

78 Script Contoh Naskah Podcast 31

Contoh Naskah Roleplay | PDF

Contoh Naskah Roleplay | PDF 32

Contoh Naskah Pidato Tema Persatuan Dan Kesatuan Bangsa | PDF

Contoh Naskah Pidato Tema Persatuan Dan Kesatuan Bangsa | PDF 33

Contoh Naskah Iklan Radio Iklan Radio

Contoh Naskah Iklan Radio Iklan Radio 34

[Music], if you're new to my channel hit the, button below and subscribe if you're my, fan of course you know what to do give, the video a thumbs up leave us a comment, below and share the video and don't, forget to turn in that notification so, you know the next time i'm popping i'm, popping another video, the reason why we are doing this video, today guys, i am encouraging each and every one of, this coming 2022. please usually start a, youtube channel everybody everywhere, where you are it doesn't matter what you, do you are a teacher you are a doctor, you are a nurse you have your own, business you are lumber you are a, caretaker anybody all over the world if, you are a human being if you are alive, it means you have something to share, with people so you should start your own, youtube channel i was reading this, article uh from online this there was, this one lady her name is uh, her name is edna abina jackson she is, from i think she's from ghana so abina, she is giving reasons she's giving 10, reasons but i have my own reasons but i, was looking at this article of hers and, i'm like this lady she's saying what i, wanted to say let me read this article, and she was saying 10 reasons why you, should start a youtube channel so i'm, gonna just highlight on what she's, saying here so whenever you see me, looking down i'm looking at this um my, laptop down here uh, on why she is saying everybody and, everyone should start a youtube channel, but first i'm gonna tell you the, powerful tool that we call youtube so, youtube is a powerful for, digital marketers okay if you are not a, youtuber you are missing out on a, significant slice of the pie that's what, ambina says and that's what it is so if, you are not in the world of youtube guys, you are missing out it doesn't matter, what career you are it doesn't matter, how much money you're making it doesn't, not matter what you are doing if you are, not in the youtube world you are missing, out already, guys she said according to uh,, did you know that there are more than, 2.3, billion, worldwide users on youtube come on guys, 2.3 billion worldwide users on youtube, in 2021 alone just 20 21 2.3 billion not, million guys billion users in youtube, and she said more than not she said but, it's written there but that's what she's, highlighting here and that's what i know, so more than 300 hours youtube content, is uploaded every minute, every minute more than 300 uh, you know hours of youtube content is, uploaded every minute you should consume, more than five guys five billion, youtuber youtube videos per day, my goodness, five billion youtube, videos by, day are you getting the picture are you, getting the point how powerful youtube, is and guys did you know that youtube, is the second largest powerful tool, search engine other than google oh my, goodness it is so you can tell that, youtube is really so powerful and did, you know that nowadays most people don't, even read they just search anything on, youtube guys tell me anytime it doesn't, matter what career you are when you want, to search something where do you go you, search on google and then you live there, and beside google there's a video of the, thing that you're searching for so that, thing comes from youtube so the moment, you search something there it is how to, put my oil in the hair it's right down, the youtube video how to do my, medication is something that youtube, video is there how do i sweep this house, how do i do this planning work, youtube is right there so youtube is, really a powerful tool and that's what, i'm saying everybody coming this 2022, there's a reason why you should rethink, yourself whatever besides what you do, you don't have to be a full-time, youtuber, for example i am a full-time worker but, i do youtube videos on my spare time if, a site we got a society hustle thing, that you do after work or weekend you, just kind of spend your 20 30 minutes, and make a youtube video in five videos, youtube uh five minutes youtube video 10, minutes youtube video tell us about what, you you can help somebody out there you, are cooking for example you're cooking a, meal and you love that with your family, laugh at me can you imagine you can make, a video about the meal you cook to be, for greens or, beans or bananas you know, fried fish whatever can you imagine if, we make a five minutes video and tell, people how you met that fish, can you imagine that people start, following they want more of that they, want what is she gonna cook next what is, he gonna cook next can you imagine you, show people how you do your plumbing, work if you're a blumber and then you, put your your, your contacts there and you tell people, like when this thing is this instead of, calling a blunder girl go do this just, giving ideas of quick fixing, can you imagine if you can do that can, you imagine we were a doctor and, somebody was pain or whatever it is and, you tell us about a certain disease you, know instead of us panicking you save, you see this kind of disease make a, video make a video on how it's going to, help us make it a video about a, depression make a video about a certain, condition that you know can you imagine, how many people you're going to help if, you're a nurse can you imagine is, showing us how you do your nursing job, or how you you're hustling your nursing, job with your family how you hustling, your nursing job with, my navigating life with this you know, can you tell us you know can you make a, video of something what kind of scrubs, you like and what kind of shoes are, comfortable for your job or, teacher can you tell us about that you, deal with the kids you know depression, in schools and can you make a video or, show us take us your way to school show, us how you're stressed out and how you, cope with the stress of the school or, your your educational thing anything if, you're an environment or person or if, you are a football player, can you show uh the skills that you are, helping you to manage the the football, feeling what kind of tips and techniques, that you have that are going to help the, young footballers or, if you're running uh, in the field you know any kind of field, you are if you're a marketer, tell us if you're a social worker can, you make a video so you can see you can, see how youtube is a powerful field how, you can, and if you love to talk and the good, thing about youtube is like you don't, have to show your face if you're shy you, know you don't have to show your face, you can just be behind the scenes you, can let your voice speak or you can um, you know collaborate with other, youtubers and if you're shy they can, give you college courage and they can, show you how you are going to be uh a, successful youtuber and youtubers, youtube again can open another platform, youtube is just a branch that is uh it's, just as a stem i get another code like, it's a tree that is standing you know a, street has some branches a tree has some, branches here and there and there so, youtube is a channel a platform that you, have uh you have been given and with, this platform that you have, you have been given so you have a chance, to open the branches you can open your, own website you can open your own, business you can venture into this into, this into this so youtube is just a tool, so let's read continue reading from, abina, so i've been on this lady she's from, ghana by the way i told you, ah she's saying um, what youtube can do for you build your, influencer, in friendship sell products and build, brands and they do it fast we, youtube messed this prayer this uh you a, famous youtuber and his name is mr beast, plays a massive role in the growth of, money saving up money can you imagine, his influence pulls in thousands of new, users the honey platform of daily basis, can you know can you imagine you can be, an influencer and then you throw people, to your platform, oh my goodness this is really good and, then um, another thing that abhinav keeps saying, here you can share your knowledge can, you imagine that how much knowledge we, have when we're just sitting there with, the knowledge, instead of opening a side hustle thing, and share as your knowledge as i was, talking about let's see what i've been, saying says abina says if you are alive, you have some knowledge for example if, you are a digital nomad you have an, online business okay, you have a lot of teach you can create a, vlogs about your life as a digital nomad, or a tech people how to live digital, nomad life, there are lots of things you can create, content about if you are a affiliated, marketer youtube is the perfect place, you can share your knowledge about, affirmative affiliated marketing oh my, goodness i think i need to create a, a topic i was watching one of these, ladies that i'm gonna tell you next time, her name is uh i cannot remember her, name right there but she is another, influencer and she tells you how to, start a youtube channel if you don't, know really nothing from scratch you can, start that youtube channel and, i think i'm gonna put out uh her name on, my uh my description box that lady make, sure you follow her and you subscribe to, our channel and you will learn a lot, from this lady and from this channel and, then i've been a continuous day by, opening a youtube channel you can, promote your business if you have a, business guys you can promote do you, have a business she asks it doesn't have, to be online listen by the way you could, be a plumber yes owner of a cleaning, business or a hairdresser, share your knowledge about promote your, business give you a blunder provide the, practical tips about how, uh home maintenance and planning always, include all call actions and where, people can find your business can you, imagine so you don't happen to be, sitting there like oh i'm a plumber and, then you sit there make a youtube, content you know show us where you are, tell us what you do so that we can call, you and help people there's so many, people here who is planning work, whatever it is i'm just giving plumbing, experience because she gave an example, here, youtube is an effective way uh being a, continuous system to promote your, business try it are you hairdresser, start making hair tutorial video if you, a hairdresser if you like to make, people's hair make sure you start making, uh youtube, tutorial videos and talk about hair, healthy to grow and nourish your hair, how are we going to take care of your, hair are you cutting our hair share your, variable quantity in one of the best, ways of promoting your business guys so, if you have anything that you do and you, feel like you're stuck you you can, promote whatever you're doing start a, youtube video one by one you would draw, people coming to you, and then she continued to stay here i, love this article her name again i keep, mentioning her name we want to go, subscribe to your channel i don't know, if she has channel her name is edna, abina jackson and she is from ghana, endless opportunities when you started, posting content on youtube she said once, you start posting a content on youtube, the opportunities are endless a friend, of mine is a football player and he, posts football tutorials and one video, caught the eye of an international, football agent can you imagine he had, the opportunity to life of a lifetime to, travel abroad and play football as a, resource of youtube channel can you, imagine one of those videos that you, keep creating content about you're, educating people you're telling people, about careers one of those videos may go, viral and when that video goes viral it, gives you opens and opportunities for, you, you can explore it at night like that so, keep creating content so i'm encouraging, each and every one instead of looking, down to people who are being coded like, you know people love to look down on, people that like what are they doing why, would i put my face on youtube like that, why would i create a product why is she, making us here no youtube is a new thing, i know you're going to work you're, clocking in monday through friday you're, making four hours a week hey a side, hustle can save your life too okay, you can earn extra too right here and, then, i've been uh, uh i've been a contingent says that this, whenever you create a content and people, love your content you it can open, opportunity opportunities for you you, can be traveling all over the world you, can be invited to be uh she said often, invited to speak in events you know, because people have seen what you're, capable of so you can get um um, invitations to be speaking uh to people, for example i'm not bragging here, but for my little channel that i have, i've already been invited uh to speak to, events and i'm like sometimes i'm, looking like me no i'm not worthy but, i'm looking forward to be going to be, speaking to this little little you know, um whatever they saw in me so i'm open, to that so if anybody wants to invite me, i'm here for those ones, who have invited me already thank you so, much and i'm planning to attend okay, yes and then, she keeps saying how people get famous, so if by chance your video goes viral, since i was talking you can get famous, overnight this might not be your dream, to get famous but there are many out, there who want to get their name out, there and youtube is a good place to, start so if you want to get famous if, you want to be and for an influencer out, there youtube is a good place to start, uh from your whatever dream you have so, another thing is to say that youtube can, open new skills, when you first start youtube channel you, will probably have to do everything, yourself okay, feeling edit create scripts for your, content like myself now i'm doing all, that by myself you will learn new skills, and develop existing skills by starting, youtube channel you have nothing to lose, oh my goodness i have nothing to lose by, the way because this youtube has taught, me so many, things i know how to edit my own videos, i know how to create a content i know, what to say i know how to be here and, talk to you guys, it's time to build that kind of income, but financial freedom is totally, possible with youtube and yes it is, another thing that youtube can do for, you she keeps saying build your, confidence oh my goodness youtube has, peeled my confidence sometimes when i, used to speak in front of people or, somebody tells me to speak for something, in church i get so nervous i start, sweating i cannot even speak you know, i'm shaking but can you imagine if you, lack confidence that's what happiness, says youtube is an excellent place to, build your confidence, i have a major feel public speaking are, you the one to you i used to but now, nowadays nah, i'm getting over there now because i'm, developing my confidence by creating, legal content on youtube i highly, recommend it so if you're somebody who's, nervous with your work you feel like you, cannot talk to your boss you feel like, you cannot talk to somebody out there, you're nervous when you are invited or, trying to sing anything like that please, go try with a youtube uh channel get, your phone and start talking to yourself, out there you can just always watch, skips to you people ask me how do you do, that how do you that do this by doing it, over and over and over trust me you are, the master, of talking you are the master of public, speaking that we have been given so i, was here to encourage you guys and i, thank you so much for always watching my, videos thank you so much for sharing my, videos thank you so much for edna abhina, whatever you have if you come across, this um article or this video on mine i, really loved your article and thank you, so much and that's why i use your, article, with uh, just to kind of show people what youtube, can do and youtube is a powerful thing, so if you don't know my name is, tinajokumoto that's my channel name guys, go ahead and subscribe and join my, membership if you're not joined and, thank you always for coming towards my, videos and i love you so much and i'll, see you in the next one bye, [Music], huh, [Music]

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