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71 Naskah Teater Modern 8 Orang

naskah teater modern 8 orang

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern 8 Orang - Berbagai Naskah

Naskah Drama 8 Orang Pemain, Hanya Bisa Menyesal Isi cerita dalam drama terbaru ini benar-benar bisa dijadikan nasehat berharga dimana sebaiknya kita bisa memanfaatkan masa muda … 0

Naskah drama 8 orang

Oct 01, 2013 · Naskah Teater bertema “Tsunami Bencana Pembalas Karma”. Awal cerita: Di suatu pagi yang cerah di pesisir pantai. Matahari pagi terbit dengan indahnya. Ayam berkokok … 1

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern 8 Orang - Berbagai Naskah

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern 8 Orang - Berbagai Naskah 2

Naskah Drama 8 Orang

Naskah Drama 8 Orang [x4e66552eyn3]. ... NASKAH DRAMA 8 ORANG, CRAZY LITTLE THINGS CALLED LOVE *Nama tokoh diganti sesuai keinginan Pada suatu hari di Salah Satu … 3

naskah drama 8 orang

Aug 22, 2022 · Baca Cepat tampilkan. Berikut ini terdapat beberapa contoh naskah drama, terdiri atas: 1. Contoh Naskah Drama Pendek 5 Orang. Persahabatan. Ibandi: “Din, Aku minta … 4

Contoh Naskah Drama Modern 8 Orang - Modif H

Oct 29, 2021 · Sumber: Pexels. Teater modern Indonesia semakin marak dengan berdirinya Pusat Kesenian Jakarta di Taman Ismail Marzuki. Terlebih setelah kepulangan Rendra dari … 5

Naskah Drama Pemain 8 Orang

Jan 22, 2013 · Babak 1. Disuatu kota, tepatnya di kota Metropolitan Jakarta ada sebuah kost-kost-an yang bernama “Horas Kost” itu dikarenakan pemilik kost-kost-an tersebut adalah orang … 6

Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris Untuk 8 Orang - Berbagai Naskah

Contoh naskah drama 8 orang pemain tentang pendidikan. Skenario naskah drama 8 orang. Dialog drama 8 orang. Tambahkan komentar baru . Komentar Sebelumnya (15) 28 Jan 2022 … 7

Contoh Naskah Drama Modern Untuk 8 Orang - Perum Fain x

Mulai dari tema sehari-hari seperti persahabatan, sekolah, romansa, hingga tema yang diambil dari cerita atau dongeng bersifat kedaerahan alias cerita tradisional. Berikut 8 contoh naskah … 8

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100+ Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional Indonesia 9

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource 10

Naskah teater

Naskah teater 11

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Aneka Contoh

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Aneka Contoh 12

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Aneka Contoh

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Aneka Contoh 13

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource 14

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Contoh AJa

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Contoh AJa 15

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Contoh Resource 16

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional – Asia

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional – Asia 17

Naskah Drama Musikal Sekolah – DIKBUD

Naskah Drama Musikal Sekolah – DIKBUD 18

Contoh Naskah Teater 7 Orang - Pembahasan Soal

Contoh Naskah Teater 7 Orang - Pembahasan Soal 19

Naskah drama 7 orang

Naskah drama 7 orang 20

Contoh Naskah Drama 9 Orang Tentang Pendidikan - Contoh AJa

Contoh Naskah Drama 9 Orang Tentang Pendidikan - Contoh AJa 21

Contoh Naskah Teater Anak Sekolah - Contoh AJa

Contoh Naskah Teater Anak Sekolah - Contoh AJa 22

Contoh Teks Drama Tradisional – mosi

Contoh Teks Drama Tradisional – mosi 23

Contoh Judul Drama Tradisional - Berkas Soalku

Contoh Judul Drama Tradisional - Berkas Soalku 24

Mengenal Teater Modern Indonesia Serta Contohnya - Tambah Pinter

Mengenal Teater Modern Indonesia Serta Contohnya - Tambah Pinter 25

Contoh Teks Drama Tradisional – mosi

Contoh Teks Drama Tradisional – mosi 26

Contoh Naskah Drama Modern - Aneka Contoh

Contoh Naskah Drama Modern - Aneka Contoh 27

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Contoh AJa

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Contoh AJa 28

Contoh Sandiwara Bahasa Jawa - Aneka Macam Contoh

Contoh Sandiwara Bahasa Jawa - Aneka Macam Contoh 29

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Aneka Macam Contoh

Contoh Naskah Teater Tradisional - Aneka Macam Contoh 30

Contoh Sandiwara Bahasa Jawa - Aneka Macam Contoh

Contoh Sandiwara Bahasa Jawa - Aneka Macam Contoh 31

Contoh Proposal Tentang Pertunjukan Drama Di Sekolah –

Contoh Proposal Tentang Pertunjukan Drama Di Sekolah – 32

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Aneka Macam Contoh

Contoh Naskah Teater Modern - Aneka Macam Contoh 33

10 Contoh Teks Drama Singkat dalam Berbagai Tema (Lengkap)

10 Contoh Teks Drama Singkat dalam Berbagai Tema (Lengkap) 34

- Gee, is that you Miss Miller?, - Mr Mickelson hi., - Need a ride? - Oh yes., - Yeah, come on over here., - Thank you so much, oh great to see you., - Put your bag right there., - Right here that okay?, - That'll work. - Thank you., Okay. - Come around, yeah., Put your hand right up here yep,, put your feet right up there., I'm all good, ready to go, Let's go., - Mom, mom., Mom, Mom, mom. - Honey, I'm out back., Oh, Rosie, oh honey., - Mom are you alright?, - I'm fine, Rosie I'm fine., - My, you are all dolled up., - Well it isn't every day I come home to see my mom., - No it certainly isn't., - Honey you could use a wash., - Well it's a long walk from the station., - Why didn't you call?, - I did call., - Oh, you know, sometimes I take the phone, off the hook when I'm resting, sorry., - Well I hitched a short bit on Mr Mickelson's tractor., Boy I'm gonna hear about, that at the Ladies Aid., - That gossip about me hasn't killed you yet., - No, but it's not for lack of trying., - Make fun, but I have done a lot, of interesting things in my life., - Well I think that a husband is interesting,, and you don't have one of those., - Let's get you lying down., - I haven't heard that in a long while., Mom!, - Oh don't you be so scandalized little city girl., - Well I'm not in the city now,, I'm home to help my mom, so no more laundry for you., - I'm gonna have to lie down naked, if I don't do the laundry., Oh, and then there really will be a scandal., - From Footlight Parade, we saw it twice, at The Old Fox Theater in the city., - Three times., - Hmm, what you working on?, - A little afghan., - Chick, chick, chick, chick, chick, Mom, come on in,, mom come for breakfast, it's ready., Mom it's getting cold., - I ordered over easy., - Well they got scrambled on the way., - Put that pan to soak, I'll take care of it later., You're still a wizard in the kitchen I see., - Fix the truck for you this afternoon., - Mm mm fancy secretary timing pistons., - You may recall during the war, I spent three years building B29's,, know my way around machines., - Well at least that GD war gave you something useful., - Is there a pair of overalls around here I can use?, - Don't go worryin' about that truck,, that's on my to do list., - Mo... - Don't you argue with me., At least not on your first morning home., - So tell me again what the doctor said?, - I told yah six times already, you don't listen Rosie., Just said my arthritis is gettin' worse,, I should come home, rest., - I'll fix the truck for yah, what else can I do?, - Slow down, kicking up a lot of dust., - I'm here to get things done,, my company only hired a temp for three weeks., If I don't make it back in time she keeps my job., - Thank you kindly, not a problem miss., - Rose, Rose Miller, Now look at you Rosie, come on Gene., Always an eyeful., Gene you go along, tell the pastor, I'll be there in a few minutes., Gene, no running, my grandson., - The accordionist., - Is he from around here?, - Chaplain., - He's a priest?, - No they call him that because he's silent., - In my experience that's not an excuse to be rude., - He's deaf and dumb. - Oh., - Rosie, honestly the liquor store?, - We were out., - But you send someone, that's not a place, for a nice young lady., - Florence, when have you ever known me, to be a nice young lady., - Rose Miller is that you?, What are you doin' back in town?, - Macy Comstock., I'm impressed you held on to that factory,, - Several people came up to me at Charlie's funeral,, scared asking if I was gonna shut the place down., - Why didn't you?, - I thought about it, no one left in the family to run it., - Men don't give you trouble., - Once I showed them I was serious about learning,, they got serious about teaching me,, and here we are, five years down the road., - That long., - Well you haven't been back in what..., - Year and a half., - That was the worst winter we've had in 20 years., - Almost didn't make it back to Chicago,, and nearly lost my job., - You still happy there?, - Absolutely, I live in an apartment on my own,, I shop at department stores, museums, nightclubs., - Do you still see movies?, I remember you and your mother used to always see, Sunday matinees in the city?, Still go, - With someone special?, - Oh, no, all the men I meet want me, to quit my job, keep house., - Anna, you remember Rose, come say hello, please?, She just loves her books., You are so grown up., Anna, say hello., - Hello., - I'm know I'm not around much but I know all sorts, of secrets about your mother from when she was young,, and I can be bribed with chocolate,, or the loan of your bicycle., Now don't be telling her about all the trouble, we used to get in to. - Mom., I didn't mean to embarrass you darling, I just..., - You're embarrassing yourself., - What you got playin' down here?, - It's Flying down to Rio., - Ginger and Fred, their foreheads, never stopped touching., They had that dance floor was all made of pianos., - I wore my hair like hers for years., - Rosie you're always trying to find, that special little somethin', The Saturday photos., - Mm, I found them in a box that was, next to the old mangle down in the basement., I'm just gonna get 'em all labeled., What year is this?, - 1933, like the Gold Diggers., - I ran into Florence, she didn't know, you were feeling poorly., - Well I don't want her too, she's gonna tell everybody,, and I'm gonna be up to my neck in pity, that I don't want, and a whole bunch of hot dishes, I'm not even gonna eat., - Suit yourself., - Oh boy, after every matinee we'd take a picture, in front of the marquee., What I wouldn't give to just see, one more movie musical., - Why don't we?, - The nearest theaters 40 miles away., - We have your truck., - We'd be rattled to bits., - I'll ask Macy, she'll loan us her car,, we'll drive to Desuit and we'll catch a matinee., - Rosie I can't even sit still at the supper table., - The pills from the doctor., - I am not takin' those goofballs., - They're perfectly safe., - Yeah that's what they told your father after the war,, and he wasn't ever the same., - I'm tryin' to do something special for you., - Honey, I don't want special, I just want normal., Two hours in the car, and three hours at the matinee., I don't do that anymore., - Fine, - Oh boy, sure is nice to have a partner again., - Thank you so much for coming tonight,, I just wanted to welcome you all to, the annual Sue Steam community dance., I know my husband Charlie would be so happy, to know that we've kept on the family tradition., So please have some pie and punch,, and dance the night away, and have a bunch of fun, alright., - Anna will you dance with me? - No., - Oh come on please, I love to dance, you will too., - No, please? - Alright., - I'm Rose Miller. - Oh how do you do?, - And you are? - Mrs Albert Clearing., Lovely, and your name? - Mrs Albert Clearing., You remember Dave Jenkins,, his wife died a few years ago., Oh so sorry to hear that., Well look at that, Anna has a crush,, I remember my first crush., Me too but that was a lifetime ago., - Ever think about finding a man,, maybe getting married again., - I think about finding someone,, just not getting married again., And you, do you wanna belong to someone?, - Belong to someone, can't believe you just said that?, Madam factory boss, modern independent woman, - Like I told you last night,, I'm happy loaning my car but she's a grown woman, and it doesn't sound like she wants to go., - I just wish she could see a movie, without leaving Beresford., - The only way you're gonna see a movie in this town, is if you make it yourself., You want the last piece., - Why not? - It's all yours., - Why not, making a movie can't be harder, than building a plane., - What sort of trouble are you hatching Rose Miller?, - What is a movie musical anyway,, a camera, some film, some beautiful young people dancing., We can do that right here., - I'm not so sure we have any of those things in this town., - And it doesn't need be two hours long,, it's gonna be easy., Moms gonna get her movie without leaving Beresford., - I am so glad you're back, uh, things have gotten, boring around these parts., - Hello, hello, hello?, Hello, hi, I'm Rose, Macy's friend., I think she told you I was coming,, I'm making a film for my mother., Chaplain, we need a movie camera., Great., Do you have one?, Oh no, no a camera, a camera., We're looking for a camera but small,, like during the war, excuse me., Well, I don't know how I'm supposed, to explain anything to you., This is wonderful, does it work?, That is just beautiful., No I'd like to take a look at it, before you go taking it apart., I want to know how it works., Alright then, I'll be back Monday., Hi Anna, your mother said I'd find you here,, what yah readin'?, Did your mother mention the movie I'm making?, - Yeah., - I'm gonna need a leading lady,, will you be my star?, - No thank you. - Why not?, - I'm not exactly the actress type., - Anna I think you'll make the audience, fall in love with you., - That's impossible, I can't make faces, and cry in front of people., - Many actors can make dramatic poses,, but very few can evoke true emotion., - Do you really think that I can?, - I do. - I'll have to ask my mom., - I already did. - Okay I'll do it., - And let's ask that boy from the dance., - Which one?, - The one who looks like a young Cary Grant., - Dale? - Yes., - No he's busy, he works at the Soda Fountain,, and he plays basketball and he's..., - Let's let him decide that., - Welcome to Duares, what can I get you two today?, - Uh, oh dear, um..., - The deer they're impressive., - Well that ones a ram., - Right you are, from the Black Hills near Rankin Ridge., - I think so, are you from around here?, - Not anymore, I'm Rose, Rose Miller., Dale truth be told, Anna and I have dropped in, because we have something to ask you., We'll be making a movie in the next few days, and we're looking for actors, what do you say?, - To what? - To be in the film., - Uh no, no thank you. - Why not?, Actors memorize lines, I can't do that., - My movies a musical, there's not any lines., - I can't sing. - It's a silent musical,, we don't even have a microphone., - You don't even have to sing, or, say anything really., - No sound. - No sound., - I wouldn't know what to do., - Do you play any sports? - He plays basketball., - Captain, two years., - Who tells you what to do in the game?, - Coach Phillips. - I will be your coach., I'll tell you where to stand, where to move,, and how to do everything, doesn't that sound like fun?, - Yes ma'am. - Call me Rose., We will stop my tomorrow to fit you for your costume,, and shooting begins as soon, as the film comes in from Chicago., - Yes ma'am, I mean Rose., - Oh holy cow, look at this, it's your Theda Bara period,, tell me what you were thinking?, - Jeepers, look who's talking, daddy gave you, endless grief for that hairdo., - Now see you could do no wrong,, but let me step out of an apron and he about blew a gasket., That's putting it mildly., Okay what do you think about 1937?, - No, it's '39. - I already have it in ink., - Well scratch it out., - Well a few years difference won't matter., - It will matter, when you look back, it's gonna matter., - Oh, that's the one I was looking for., - I look like Myrna Loy in..., - Thin Man 1934, that was my favorite., - I thought you liked the musicals best?, Till you discovered boys and then you'd be gone, from the intermission to the closing credits., - You're exaggerating., - Oh momma, the line at the concession stand,, it was just so long., - I didn't know you even missed me,, eyes were glued to the screen., - That was our time together., - I'm gonna hang a sheet in that corner,, pretty soon we will have our own little matinee., - Hi there, jeepers, I'm Rose Miller, nice to meet you., - Ah Pearls daughter, Macy said you'd be comin' around., - Yeah I'm back in town, temporarily, from Chicago,, and trying to make a film, a movie., I think, your land here is perfect., I'd be hugely grateful to you if you'd consider, letting me use it as a location,, that's where you make a film., Using a location is a very modern idea actually,, and the script, I'll be writing the script., That's the films, the movie's story., - Will it be narrative or expressionist?, - Excuse me?, - Sure you can use whatever you want,, I'll actually be around to help out., - It arrived this morning., No, I need to test it, to see if it works., How are we supposed to work together, if we can't communicate., You think of everything,, great idea Chaplain., Your name is James, sorry I didn't know., Rose., What do you know about machines?, I built bombers during the war., An executive secretary., Do you like it? Very important job., I feel like an idiot, I've spent years, trying to impress people who think I'm inferior, and they just want me to be quiet and go away., People think your skills are less for no good reason., That's why I work for myself., The book says that the film needs a director, and also a camera specialist., Will you be my cameraman?, Yes., You have eyes don't you, you can see just fine?, - Okay but I wanna see the edge of the flat,, the edge of the flat., What, what? Just., Okay this is for my mother, she loves fantasy., Just, just do what I say, this is going to work,, just do this., Okay you too, get to the edge,, and then come in when I tell you., Florence?, - I brought a rhubarb cake for you to take to Pearl., Are you expecting Pearl to come watch soon?, - Oh, I don't believe so., Macy, so much to do at the house., - Her arthritis problem improving then., - Oh, you know Pearl no complaints., - Hmm mm, well if that's the way she wants to play it., - Well this was wonderful of you, Pearl will be pleased, thank you., - What's that on her head?, It's a headdress, we're channeling a dance, from the Zigfield Girls., Under here, tighten it there, alright., Try to shake your head., Get me some chicken wire and pliers., I'll go get some., - Gene, I'm gonna need an assistant,, would you be willing to take good notes, and do what I say?, - Yes ma'am., - We'll get along just fine., Alright everybody, let's rehearse., Places. - Places., - Much louder. - Places., - Good come with me., Macy, and go. Left, good, right, left, and right, and turn and swoop., Before I go to Macy's I'm gonna go fix dinner., I'm not hungry yet., - I won't burn it this time I promise., Did you hear back from your job?, What are you gonna do if they don't give yah, any more time off?, Rosie!, Rose, honey come on, sit down for a minute., You know I worry about you every single day., - I'm fine. - Which part's fine?, Living in that box of an apartment, that you call home all by yourself., - Being a part of something bigger than this., - Bigger than this, this is ours, this is all ours., - There's not enough here for me., Mom, be honest, wouldn't you have lived, in the city if you could have?, The museums, the stores, the excitement., - All that concrete, all that noise., - The quiet here is too loud for me., - Are you gonna tell me what's goin' on?, Well, that's your right., - I just don't want anybody feeling sorry for me., - What you don't want is to admit, you're just like the rest of us., Pearl you have helped me throughout the years,, you've been there for me,, and if you don't let me help you now, you're keeping me in your debt, and that's just mean., Now are you gonna be a bathrobe hypocrite, or can I sign you up for a visit, from the Aid Society tomorrow?, - Everyone gather round., - Ladies and gentlemen, film is very, very expensive,, and the rain might be coming so we can't afford, to make any mistakes, do you all feel ready to do this?, - Yes., - James, James, is the camera ready?, Great. No just do this., Okay let's do this. - Let's do this., Scene one, take one., And the orchestra music comes in, and, Cut. - Cut., Scene one, take two. Scene one, take three., Take four., Scene one, take seventeen., - Hold on. - Hold on., - What are you doing? Just do what I say., James, James., Sorry, I'm sorry., I should ask you and not tell you., We're never going to understand each other,, so I should get somebody else., I don't want anybody else, I want you., Now how do you want to communicate., What?, - He seems so angry., - What do those hand signals mean?, - I don't know., - Do you think Rose needs help?, So what are you gonna do after you graduate?, I plan on going to Indiana or Iowa., - What would you study?, - Ag probably, my dad says that no one, knows this land better then he does,, but I know I could raise production,, learn the new fertilizers and machines., - Like robots? - Farm robots., - Wonder how long this is gonna take,, I don't want to walk home in the dark., - I could walk you. - Really., - Yeah my dad would have my hide if he knew, I let you walk home alone in the dark., - Okay., - James whatever it is I'll Lear..., James, James!, - Need a lift Miss DeMill?, - Sister do I ever., - I had fun today., - There's your mum, guess you don't need me., - Do you want a ride?, - Uh no, I'll just run home., Hop in., - Never ever speak to me again., - Turn and then a swoop, a turn and a swoop, hmm., - Well maybe it'll look like it's supposed to be a comedy., - It's a silent musical., Am I crazy?, I'm running out of time., - Your job wants you back? - Hmm., - And James. - And James?, - I tried to tell him what to do and he quit., - What? - He quit., - Well you have to get him back., - How? It feels like whatever, I write down is half of what I mean., - Well I've always believed Chaplain, I mean James, to be smart, obviously he's smarter then he shows., - He says there's a sign language,, have you heard of this?, - No, but he did go to a school for the deaf, up near Sioux falls, that where he was when we were kids., - Huh., - It's not a language, it's more like a slang or pitchwa., We forbid it in the classroom., - Why? - It's a crutch,, they need to learn to read lips, or they'll never, be able to integrate into society., - I never thought of that., - Well imagine you were different, ostracized, an outsider., Never allowed to participate in the grand pageant of life, what you'd want most is a way to fit in,, to find a job, get married, to be like everyone else., That's what we can give them., - But when deaf people talk, I mean not talk,, but to each other, they sign., - Why do you want to learn it?, - Well, I've become friends with, a former student here, James Hanson., - I remember James, he could really take it to the hoop., He never learned to audiate well, or to read lips,, but the Pheasants kicked the stuffing, out of the Flander Indians the year he led the team., Has he found his place in the world?, - I think he has. - Good., I worry about them, so reliant on the kindness of others., - Couldn't you teach me, just a few signs., Hello, goodbye and thank you., - Your desire to communicate with James is admirable, but I can't teach you any signs because I don't know any., - Go get some ice, here's the cafeteria key., - Hello, excuse me., - She went to the school nurse., - Are you using sign language, can you teach me?, - I'm not supposed to use sign language on school grounds., - But you use it somewhere else., I would like to communicate with, a deaf friend of mine, respectfully., No one else in the town is deaf, and he doesn't read lips., - He should learn., - Is that what you really think?, - I can't afford to get fired., - Are you finished with work,, because I borrowed a friends car to get here,, and we could go to a diner, and we'll get a meal,, and you can teach me whatever I can learn, in a couple of hours, deal?, - I went to school., Your school, go Pheasants., Deaf woman nice., Nice., I'm not good., Yes, please, I'd like that., Frog., Oh, B-O-Y, boy, boy., Oh dog, dog., Rooster, rooster, okay., - Here we are., - Lord we thank you for the..., He needs his hands to say Grace., - Oh., - Lord thank you for the food before us, may the..., I don't understand., - I understand, I understand just fine, Amen., Amen., - Don't keep those potatoes to yourself., - It's beautiful., What, then what's the sign?, You don't know?, Well what does one do when one doesn't know the sign?, You and me think a sign., Cigarette, match, you're throwing the matches, that's ugly., Okay, you're slow., That's, that's good, I had a good day., I had good day., Driving., I don't understand., I had a good day too., Good., Mom, I'm takin' a bath., - The film is back on track., I convinced James to continue being my cameraman,, and that's so good because he turns the most, ordinary things into something unique., He has the Iris touch, it's permanent you know, And mum everyone is enjoying themselves so much., You should see Anna, she's blossoming,, and you are going to love Dale's costume., - Rosie? - Hmm mm, yes., - Could you come here?, I..., Okay, I got yah., Mum. - Yeah., - What is that?, - It's a tumor, I have cancer in my breast., - But your arthritis?, - It's the same as it ever was,, I just didn't wanna tell you., - Well they have treatments, surgery., - They can cut it out but it takes half the chest., Most women don't survive that surgery,, and the rest can hardly stand up., - But we have to do something., - Honey, I think that for the first time in my life,, I've earned the right to do absolutely nothing., I'm sorry to hear about your mother Miss Miller,, but we agreed that if you didn't return after three weeks, Miss Jefferson would keep your position., You may have to return to the general pool,, but that will be up to the office manager., - Did you take those boxes of pictures, back down to the basement?, - Soon as I'm back., - Set my clock to that., Mom, you said you want me to finish the film, yes?, I do, I do., - Farmer's Almanac says we run out of light, at 8:02 tonight, I will be home then., Farmers Almanac., - Marlon Brando lived in a veterans hospital, for weeks to play a paraplegic., - Why? - Method acting., You really live the truth of it all the time., We should try it, all the big movie stars are doing it., - Oh, I'm game., - So we act as if we're in love all the time., How do we do that?, Rise, yes and, Good, no, no, cut. - Cut., - No, no cut, cut. - Cut., - Stop, Cut, - Let's take a break. - 15 minute break., - Thank you Gene. - Shall I follow you?, - No you take a break too., - Sure, yes, whatever you want, you just., - Gene! Vern!, What, what are you doing?, Please everyone get back to set., We have so much work to do, please come on,, come on, we are running out of time., I am running out of time,, please, please we have so much work to do., We have to figure out what the next dance is gonna..., It's beautiful., Tell the story of this place., Story of this place., Alright everyone, give James some space,, James, action., - Yeah., - Well this should hold you for another week., Rose dear, will you help me with where to put these., - Just leave that there and I'll get to them later., - I just need you for a minute, in here., - I noticed you've been spending, a lot of time with the Chaplain., - James is wonderful company., - Be that as it may he is deaf., - I hadn't noticed., - It's a serious defect Rose., In my day we did what was necessary, to make sure that wasn't passed on., - Like a gelding., - Dear, Chaplain has a decent place in this community,, with his business, but you should never be alone with him., - Do you honestly think he'd attack me?, - Of course not, but you don't wanna, give the wrong impression to the real men in town, you might actually want to marry., Now there are casseroles in the ice box,, I want you to make sure Pearl eats., I hope you're understanding,, I need this by Monday., Alright, thank you., Miss, please make sure he understands, how important it is for Monday, thank you., - I have an idea, you should put up a sign., Yeah, useful requests, phrases., Requests, and people come in and just point., Yeah, maybe like a list, A this, B that, C., What?, I just want to make easier., I didn't mean..., Not what I..., No, I just want to make it easier., James, James., James., Rental, repair, camera, projector, paid, cash!, - How's the afghan coming?, - The spirits willing but the flesh is weak., What's the matter?, - Having some trouble with my cameraman., It's all over now., I'll get that laundry done., - Hey, honey, I've got 30 women in this town, who can do my laundry and make hot casseroles,, and clean my kitchen, I only got one daughter., - I'm sorry mom, I always try to do what I think is right,, and it's just not enough., - Honey if you're with me that's enough., So you put the hook in the middle., - Here. - Where the hole is, good., - I like this., - Crocheting's very relaxing. - No, I'm giving up., - Do you want some advice? - Of course., - You didn't always., - Well you didn't usually ask me before delivering it., - Fair enough., - I'd love to know., - Alright close your eyes, close your eyes., Imagine your picture of happiness,, anybody there or are you alone?, - No. - Who's there?, - You are., - That's nice but not forever., Any body that you pick to stand next to you, should have that same picture of happiness, because if they don't they're gonna be in the business, of changin' you, and you're gonna be in the business, of changing them, and that is just not, a profitable business., - When did you get so smart?, - Uh, same time that you stopped knowing everything., Probably last week., Try it again., - You need to accept that I'm bossy., You want a deaf woman?, You want to move to the city,, there's deaf people, different, different jobs., Maybe easier for us., Okay, imagine, envision happiness, what do you see?, Close your eyes., Hi Rose., - Give me your hand, your mother and I, first bought this color at Montgomery Wards, when we were your age., - Nice. Yours., - Come to the barn tomorrow night., - What's going on?, - You'll have to see. Bring a blanket., I hope you don't mind, we finished it., - The movie? - Uh huh., Everybody came., Good evening, almost everyone here tonight, gave us something so that we could make this movie., So grateful to all of you, but I'm most grateful, to the woman who imagined it all, Rose Miller., - Can I get some light please?, Oh it's for my hands, thank you., My mother loved the movies., I think she loved sitting in the dark with emotions, she wouldn't dare express in the light., I used to think she imagined herself as a character, in a movie, that she wanted to exist, in different lands, have amazing adventures,, but you know what, I was wrong., She loved watching the magic, but not as much, as she loved being in the light of this place., This is where she belonged., Let's watch the movie.

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