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Cerpen Cinta Ahmad Mutawakkil

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Cinta Bahasa | Podcast on Spotify

Contoh Naskah Drama Untuk 11 Orang. Naskah Host Untuk Video Podcast Lengkap dengan Teks. Menyapa menyambut memperkenalkan dan mulai ngobrol. Dengan acara formulir kontak video … 1

Cerpen Cinta Romantis

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tentang cinta | Podcast on Spotify

Jun 26, 2021 · Teks podcast Elijah Abraham Leisure My podcast is about me and sometimes my friend talking about video games, movies, songs, and shows. JUN 26, 2021; Video games and … 3

Cinta Pandangan Pertama - Podcast Cerita Cinta - YouTube

Feb 21, 2021 · Contoh Naskah Podcast. 1. Opening. Hai, apakabar semuanya, Dita disini siap berbagi cerita, tentunya masih di podcast kesayangan kamu semua, kisah cinta kamu, aku, kita. … 4

Podcast - Sebuah Kisah Cinta Episode 1 - YouTube

Podcast - Sebuah Kisah Cinta Episode 1 - YouTube 5


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Cerita Cinta | Podcast on Spotify

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Contoh Naskah Podcast Cinta : Kumpulan Artikel Kisah Cinta - Naskah podcast cinta itu fana 14

78 Script Contoh Naskah Podcast

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78 Script Contoh Naskah Podcast

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94 Contoh Naskah Podcast Cinta

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Lirik Lagu Di Atas Nama Cinta / Check spelling or type a new query.

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3+ Contoh Teks Drama Tentang Sekolah, Cinta, dan Covid-19

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Zahirah Mengaku Sukar Nak Pikat, Aiman Pula 10 Kali Tengok Teks WhatsApps Bimbang Kena Tipu

Zahirah Mengaku Sukar Nak Pikat, Aiman Pula 10 Kali Tengok Teks WhatsApps Bimbang Kena Tipu 34

Father, thank you for your presence in our midst, thank you for mercy, thank you protection,, thank you for God's inclusion in our lives this week, Pray that God may continue to care for us, In the midst of this difficult time, No one becomes weak and desperate, But we continue to have hope in God, Thank you, Father, pray that Your words, that will be conveyed in a moment,, can set each of us free, give wisdom so that Your Word can be conveyed in a language that is easy to understand, and we can live it in our lives, Help Your servant, because without You I can't really do it, in the name of Jesus, we pray, Amen, Hello Impact Youth, How are you, young people? Today, kak Henny will talk about "Don't fall in love easily", Don't be trapped by fake love, Love that only comes for a while and then goes away quickly, Cinlok, There is a Javanese language, Tresno Jalaran Soko Kulino, Because you meet so often, you fall in love, There are people who love, Love because you meet often, usually fall in love, with coworkers, ministry colleagues,, Neighbors maybe, or because there is an event, Meet once, you can't forget the moment,, maybe it's time to cross the road, got stung when holding hands, and so on, don't get trapped, by love that comes quickly then goes away, Love at the first sight, many still believe that we can fall in love at the first sight., Kak Henny didn't say that it was wrong, but pure love is tested, Don't be quick to judge people by their appearance, If we don't know the real thing, we can be disappointed, So, Don't marry because of age, Don't marry for wealth, Don't get married, because you have to, moreover just seeing the outside, Because, We have to pay the price, Don't be quick to judge people by their appearance, when we don't know him for real, Proverbs 26 verse 25 (NIV) says,, "Though their speech is charming,, do not believe them,, for seven abominations, fill their hearts.", There are people whose mouths are so sweet, they love to flirt,, are smart to ingratiate; Well, someone such as this type, is easily loved by others., Moreover, someone who is always praising us, "Wow... you are gorgeous...Wow... you are so cool!", Usually, we like, when our ears are spoiled with rags seduction, but God's Word says, don't believe it, that he is friendly, Do not believe, Don't be quick to believe a sweet-mouthed person, because some of them, only sweet on the lips, We can only be sure, Is it love, If tested through time and rocky roads, So don't be in a hurry, It's really like falling in love, But actually maybe we just like, There is a story in the Bible, About Amnon and Tamar who actually, have the same father,, they are King David's children, Actually we are forbidden, to fall in love with our own sibling,, because the tendency of the, defective offspring will be higher., In the story of Amnon and Tamar, In fact, This is not love but lust, Let's see the verse, 2 Samuel 13 first and second verses (NIV),, (1) "Now, David’s son Absalom, had a beautiful sister, named Tamar., And Amnon, her half-brother,, fell desperately in love with her.", Verse 2, (2) "Amnon became so obsessed with Tamar, that he became ill., She was a virgin, and Amnon thought, he could never have her.", Take a look,, at this story carefully, First, Amnon fell in love,, first because he sees Tamar is so beautiful, Amnon's heart was so tempted that he fell ill;, Well, when someone gets sick,, they must be seriously falling in love,, Falling in love seriously, until they get sick, because they really miss and think about it, But, let's take a look,, at Amnon's mind, about Tamar, Amnon thinks it's impossible to do anything to her, because the girl is still a virgin, Well, often,, men are tempted to approach women, because of their physical appearance., Then comes the desire, to do something., Once upon a time there was a man who approached a woman, he said, "I fell in love with you;, I don't know why; I always miss and always think about you.",, But then the next talk was terrible, The man started to ask, If we meet, are you ok, If we have sex?, Evidently, Not all men, Who fell in love with us, they have sincere intentions, but rather someone is sly,, has a purpose behind his attractiveness,, that his attraction is to have sex., once there was a girl who shared, her boyfriend's Whatsapp chat,, when her boyfriend asking her to make out through Whatsapp chat,, her boyfriend asked, "what is your underwear color?", This girl was shocked because she is a Christian, And she asked me, and I said,, "your boyfriend has not been righteous.", It's not polite., becausse love doesn't do evil, Then, Something is starting to appear, there is a term named 'PAP (post a picture).', Well, PAP is a picture exchange, Then there's phonesex, there's, sexting, so..., so having sex through the chat,, through Whatsapp chat,, Or, or sending pictures, or phone calls., These things should not be adopted, By God's children, it can't be adopted by us, Believers,, because all of those are wrong, It is not loving but rather lust., Well, it's pretty the same with Amnon, when he was, tempted by Tamar's charm, evidently, it is not loving,, but rather lust. not love but lust, because Amnon taught that Tamar is still a virgin, it's impossible to..., do something to her., Well, he thought it is loving,, but it turned out, to be just lust., When he raped his sister, At that moment, the feeling of love that is felt,, Turned into hatred, In 2 Samuel 13 verse 15 (NLT),, "Then Amnon hated her with intense hatred., In fact, he hated her more, than, he had loved her., Amnon said to her, “Get up and get out!”, Can you imagine?, After being raped,, he threw his sister out, because from the love he has,, it even appears, a hatred that was bigger than love, This is what we call lust, Lust makes us no longer love, But actually,, when we love someone, we will guard them carefully,, we will appreciate them., Kak Henny has ever, shared in healthy dating, what if we..., when you appreciate something, you will carefully guard them., When someone is in a serious relationship,, they will prepare it well and patiently waiting., Pure love is tested;, My term is..., "Love is like eating medicine tasted like chocolate.", We know their weaknesses,, but still, we can accept them., Actually, we are annoyed with their attitude, but we still love that person., They might have a lot of negative sides,, but instead, we still can see their positive sides., Actually, it doesn't fit our criteria, but we still love them., That's why,, while approaching,, open your eyes wider!, We must really understand, what kind of person they are, we must see both of good and bad sides, and asking ourselves, whether we can accept them or not., Realize, for the man, when the woman can't cook,, likes to be sulky, lavish,, maybe lazy in taking a shower, messy,..., and so forth, Also for the woman,, let's take a look,, he guy you like, whether he is ignorant,, jerk, smelly,, stingy, fussy,, lazy, rude, please open your eyes!, Open your eyes while you approach someone., Don't just focus on their strengths,, but we must also be aware of their weaknesses., Take a look carefully, whether..., someone has negative sides which maybe one day make you disappointing., My mom said,, "Don't let, love makes us, taste chocolate-flavored goat dirt.", We have to make a decision, whether we want to continue or not. But... it's funny when someone has been falling in love,, seems like they can accept everything,, each of their weaknesses., For example, there was a girl, who told me, that when..., her boyfriend watching in the cinema, or any kind of movie,, he likes to talk; he can tell the story while watching movies., Then I asked,, "it must be really annoying and noisy, isn't it?", She said, "No, he is not.", Then I asked,, "If who did this is your brother or sister, when in the midst of watching, they invite you to chat?" 'What is that?', 'Oh, it is like this, right? Ouch, then how is it?', "Are you annoyed?" she said, "yes, I will." Well, why when it comes to, her sibling, she called it annoying?, meanwhile, someone she likes, she said it is not annoying,, because it is not realistic, sometimes love, makes us, blind, whereas, actually, love is not blind; pure love is mature., We can understand our partner's weaknesses,, yet we can still accept it., Well, it's really stale, when someone who is married,, then they said,, "We are different,, we are not in one frequency,, ...I could not accept your weaknesses!" In fact, when we approach and dating,, becoming the right time for us to recognize, who our partner is., Usually in premarital counseling, my husband will handle it,, but when Kak Henny is asked to speak in the session, I'll say this..., "Let's write, all the negative and positive sides from your partners,, write it honestly!", Why do you need to write that?, First, you might know how well do you know them., When you only know how good they are, that means you don't really know them yet., The term is like this,, the closeness of a relationship,, That, will make the tolerance thinner,, The closer we are to someone, the more they become what they are., Well, as ..., the saying goes, Kak Henny says like this..., When you haven't smelled their fart, it means, you haven't got closer to them yet., You will know their weaknesses, and their strengths,, you will realize, that this person has weaknesses., You will know your heart's motivation, why do you want to be with him?, Then, you will know,, you must learn to accept,, or just leaving them, Decide it! Take it or leave it!, Don't regret it later, just wasting time, If you're dating, then ..., When you are on a date, then we don't match each other, can we break up? Of course, you can!, Instead of getting married and then divorce,, it's better,, we break up before marriage, To know a person's true nature, we need to know his heart, Proverbs 4 verse 23 (NIV) says,, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.", Well, Kak Henny preached..., in another sermon, Kak Henny said like this, that..., in our hearts there is a stream of living water, In English, "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."; Our heart is..., the wellspring source of our life, so if we want to know the real person,, we have to recognize their heart, Mark 7 verse 21 (NIV) says, "For it is from within, out of a person’s heart,, that evil thoughts come—, sexual immorality,, theft, murder,", (22) "Adultery, greed,, malice,, deceit,, lewdness,, envy,, slander,, arrogance, and folly.", (23) "All these evils come from inside, and defile a person.”, It's very important,, when we want to know the real person, we recognize their heart, When you want to know whether they are good or bad, not listening to their talking, whether it is sweet or not,, but recognizing what's in his heart, How to recognize people's hearts? Let's learn together, Matthew 12 verse 33 (NIV) says,, “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good,, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad,, for a tree is recognized, by its fruit.", Then Kak Henny will jump to..., verse 34, "You brood of vipers, how can you say anything good?, while you are evil,, For the mouth speaks, what the heart is full of.", verse 35,, "A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him,, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.", How do we recognize a person's heart? The first..., See the fruit of his life, because the tree is known by its fruit, That person is known from the fruit of his life, Matthew 7 verse 17 (NIV) says,, "Likewise, every good tree, bears good fruit,, but a bad tree, bears bad fruit.", So...; in verse 20,, "Thus, by their fruit, you will recognize them.", We will recognize someone,, From the fruit of their life, Ephesians 5 verse 9 (NIV) says,, "(for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness,, righteousness, and truth)", If we want to know someone's hearts, look at the fruit of their lives, Does it bear goodness,, justice and truth?, Or vice versa, The first, What did they build,, see their works, Hear their vision, How do they use their time?, Are they thinking about the future?, For example, if they are old enoug, but being so lazy, not responsible,, like to waste time,, Obviously this kind of person is not ready to build a relationship that requires a long term commitment, for the future, Think back!, When you want to know who are they,, see how they use their time, Because God's word says a wise person counts time, How did he take a decision., consideration of their heart, For example,, When they're in trouble,, are they strong enough to against pressure?, do they consistent at working?, Consistently in building something, This person can be admonished or not, because we can know, when someone can't be admonished and told, means they are arrogant, because humble people love to learn, It's easy to recognize people's hearts, through their reaction, are they excellent at working?, So, if we look at this..., The boss is not there, he works from home,, But he is still excellent, he achieves his target,, he does his work, he uses his working time to work, It means this person..., has integrity in their heart, Having integrity, Excellent at work, People like this will not be apple polishers with their superiors, But he is a sincere person, who fears God, Does he love to learn?, Does he want to try hard?, One of the things that made Kak Henny, choosing Kak Jojo is because he really wants to learn, He is thirsty at learning, Always learning, And when he is working, he is very diligent, Well, look at the other fruits of his life, let's see their attitude and character, his attitude, his behavior, his actions, How does he resolve conflict?, When he conflicts with people, he is pressured by others, When he is hurt, how does he react?, Those are spontaneous heart reaction, right, How does he treat others?, Both superiors and subordinates,, his parents, people who work at his home,, Someone who is weaker, How does he treat..., the people who hurt him?, Was the reaction that came out of his heart was..., good or evil deeds?, We have to see, This is a crucial period to be able to judge someone's authenticity, The next one, see whether he's a sincere person,, honest and peace-loving,, There are types of people who like to look for troubles, Loves to make a fuss, rude,, Loves to cheat, loves to lie,, Well, these are authentic character, we can know his authenticity from his actions, Psalm 37 verse 37 (NIV) says, "Consider the blameless, observe the upright;, a future awaits those who seek peace.", Look for people who are sincere, honest, and peace-loving Because someone like this has a future, Then, it's interesting, in Proverbs 26:13 (NIV) 'A sluggard says, “There’s a lion in the road, a fierce lion roaming the streets!”, That's why he's not going anywhere, Is this person, a person who likes to make an excuse?, for example when he is late,, there will always be an excuse, I call these people Mr. Excuses, Mr. Discourse, Don't let us be fooled, Because usually someone like this can't keep their promises, Then, Look at their character,, see their effort, their character, Don't judge them by their finances today, because..., someone's future can be seen from his readiness to be someone's great, What are the characteristics of people who become great as the Word of God says?, The first, He can be responsible in small things, Luke 16 verse 10 (NIV),, "Whoever can be trusted with very little, can also be trusted with much,, and whoever is dishonest with very little, will also be dishonest with much.", Don't judge people by their economic situation, when you meet them, Maybe his family is poor, Don't look at that!, maybe he went to an inexpensive university, that wasn't a favorite, Don't value them for that, Don't look at him only because he just rides a motorbike, Listen carefully, Look at them whether he is faithful in the small matters, Because, for someone to be great,, God's Words said..., He must be faithful in small things, We have known that in his future, he will be trusted in big things, The second, Is he ready to be great?, Look, whether he works hard or not, someone who is responsible, someone who makes efforts to pay the price,, Proverbs 12 verse 24 (NIV),, "Diligent hands will rule,, but laziness ends in forced labor.", Well, that's a lot, someone who confides on YouTube and IG, telling the story, that they married with..., a partners who is lazy, and don't want to work, usually these are husbands, don't want to work and lazy, so the wife has to work,, working hard to provide for the household, For Kak Henny, this is embarassing, So, don't let us be fooled, How can we know this person in the future will be great or not, look whether he is a diligent person today or not, are they being responsible for their work?, Are they trustworthy, committed, consistent in building what he builds?, Are they easily giving up?, Is he really, can lead himself?, Because someone like this are definitely ready to be great., because the hands of the diligent, holding power, one day he will definitely get promoted, Amen, Excellent people, like the Word of God says,, will stand before kings, not stand before ordinary people, We don't have to go to fortune tellers to know people's future, God's Word writes, For example, the future for someone's lazy must be poor, Proverbs 24 verses 30 to 34 (NIV),, (30) "I went past the field of a sluggard, past the vineyard of someone who has no sense;, It means... this person..., is not poor at the beginning, maybe..., he got inheritance from his parents, he has a field and he has a vineyard... Wow!, Having an inheritance, maybe having a business prepared by the family,, but in verse 31,, "thorns had come up everywhere,, the ground was covered with weeds, and the stone wall was in ruins.", verse 32,, "I applied my heart to what I observed, and learned a lesson from what I saw:", verse 33,, "A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest—", verse 34, "and poverty will come on you like a ..., thief and scarcity like an armed man.", You don't need to go to fortune tellers, we have known the future of the sluggard, must be poor., The last one... How to..., recognize the fruit of someone's life, see their value., What is the most important in their life?, We can ask..., What makes you like me, Hon?, What makes you like me?, Because, what is important for him,, that's what they usually looks for in us, For example,, "Because you're prett..." it means... he's a physically minded person, Be careful, later in one day, if you are not slim anymore,, not too pretty anymore, or... something happened later in future, God forbid!, Does he still love you?, Well, this could be the measurement., Then..., "Oh I want to quickly marry you because I have been old.", I want to have descendant,, So, what is the most important thing for him?, He wants to have children, He's afraid he has been old and won't get married soon,, Well, with someone like this,, we have to be careful, What if in the future, it turns out that there are not given a descendants?, Will the marriage survive?, Well, then see again, what's most important?, "I like you because you are an unselfish person, you are patient,", Wow! It's amazing then... it means they saw characters,, Then, "I really like you because you're good at cooking." Wow, it means he likes it when you cook, so this means people like to eat, "I like you because you are good at making money.", 'the blessing carrier', people said, "I like you because you are rich.", Well, it's impossible to frankly speaking like that., There are some relationships who have impure motivation, They love because of the treasure, We have to see, What is the most important value in their life?, What is the most important measurement? For example..., Money is the most important, When this person loves money, we can see..., from how he measures everything from money's value, When someone who..., loves money,, Oh my! I just want to say, marrying someone who loves money, will bring lots of misery, Because when someone loves money..., can be so cruel, towards each other, including their spouse and family, 1 Timothy 6 verse 10 (NIV) says, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.", So... from the love of money,, there will be many more crimes, "Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith...", this means ... they use various ways,, even if it doesn't match the truth., "and pierced themselves, with many griefs.", Why?, because they don't have enough words, Greedy, love money, money is everything, working endlessly, There are people who keep working, but their family was never asked to vacation, Never asking their family, to refreshing and spending the time, Turn off the phone, don't hold any gadget, gathering with wife and children; No, he is not., they keep working and working; how can they be happy? Tired, isn't it?, it's so stuffy, isn't it?, Someone who loves money usually..., loving himself and being a slave to money, 2 Timothy 3 verse 2 (NIV) says, "People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money,...", This is what happened, "...they will boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents,, ungrateful,, unholy,...", Marrying someone who loves money..., must be miserable, Finally, how do we recognize people's hearts, hear what comes out of their mouths?, Earlier, the Word of God said, that the words of the mouth overflowed from the heart, If we want to recognize someone's hearts,, The first was..., We see the fruit of his life, the second we hear what comes out of his mouth,, That's why, when we approach or dating someone,, We have to have a chat,, don't ask for this and that,, don't just hook up and so on, Use the dating time to chat, use your time to chat, when approaching someone, asking them questions, digging them deeper, Matthew 12 verse 35 (NIV), earlier we have read, "A good man brings good things, out of the good stored up in him,; they talk from their kind heart;, and an evil man brings evil things." so we can know his heart,, through the words of his mouth, First, are the words dirty?, Kak Henny is sure that if his words are dirty, it means that his heart and mind are also dirty, Were his words harsh and bitter?, It means his heart hurts, his heart is bitter, usually someone such this, always don't talk nicely and always hurting us., Does he like to judge other people? Wow, someone such this feels self-righteous, Does she likes to gosipping other people?, Well, it means, she is a gossipers., don't sit around the mocker, God's Words said., Does he like to praise himself? The braggart, Someone like this we know, it means he is snobby., Someone, who is the braggart, usually only having a small work, The person whose mouth was dirty, Kak Henny said earlier, his mind and heart must also dirty, Colossians 3 verse 8 (NIV), "But now, you must also rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.", We must remember, that words are the sow for the future, our future is determined by what comes out of our mouths, Proverbs 18 verse 20 (NIV) says, "From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled;, with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied.", There is someone who is..., not good at building relationships,, not good at building connections, now that's a bit problematic,, in building the business later in the future, That's why, for someone..., "From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled;" It's true, When they were interviewed and the answer was right,, they will get the job, They are good at serving customers and they're good, they will be loved by people, Well, when we..., want to see the future,, we must pay attention to someone's mouths, From someone's words, one's character will also be seen, Because ..., Good people,, will always a kind word, Proverbs 11 verse 9 (NIV) says, "With their mouths the godless destroy their neighbors,", terrible, isn't it?, but through knowledge the righteous escape."; Proverbs 24 verse 28, "Do not testify against your neighbor without cause— would you use your lips to mislead?", "Do not say,, “I’ll do to them as they have done to me;, I’ll pay them back for what they did.” God's Word says, don't repay evil for evil, When we want to see..., how good someone's heart is, look at their words,, when he is hurt by someone,, Will he say like this..., "Watch me! I'll revenge!", from someone's mouths we can know, Ouch! that person is terrible!, The peacemaker will be called as God's children,, if they are a fuss-taker, whose child are they?, If we want to know someone's heart,, Make sure we see the fruit of their life,, we listen to their words,, from there we can pull a straight-line,, what's her heart like, Don't fall in love so you don't get hurt, Pure love is tested, Let's pray, Father in Heaven, let the wisdom comes upon youngsters,, for them not to fall in love quickly,, whose hearts don't easily fall in love, so they don't get hurt, Make them wise to assess, Whoever they approach, Who do they like, So that when they try to recognize the heart, God may open, God, what is hidden, God can reveal, so they can recognize someone's hearts, they can know someone's autenthicity, they can assess from there, Because every decision we make has consequences, Pray that your children are given..., wisdom and discretion, in making decisions, In the name of Jesus, we pray, AMEN...

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