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download novel terjemahan best seller pdf

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Download Novel Terjemahan Pdf

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Free Download Novel Terjemahan Best Seller Pdf Terbaru

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Free Download Novel Terjemahan Best Seller Pdf Terbaru

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Novel Indonesia Terbaik 2018 – Sekali

Novel Indonesia Terbaik 2018 – Sekali 11

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Free Download Novel Harlequin Terjemahan Indonesia Pdf - armymopla 12

Download Novel Dewasa Romantis Best Seller Pdf

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Free Download Novel Terjemahan Best Seller Pdf Terbaru

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A Novel by Sherryl Woods, ASK ANYONE | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor

A Novel by Sherryl Woods, ASK ANYONE | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor 15

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Download Ebook Gratis Andre Hirata - Edensor pdf - Penggiat Ebook BLOG 16

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Novel Terbaru 2017 Best Seller - alkondiri 17

April 2017 | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin,Terbaik,Islami

April 2017 | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin,Terbaik,Islami 18

Novel Indonesia Terbaik 2018 – Sekali

Novel Indonesia Terbaik 2018 – Sekali 19

2017 | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin,Terbaik,Islami,Terjemahan

2017 | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin,Terbaik,Islami,Terjemahan 20

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Download Novel Dewasa Pdf Terjemahan - damerstandard 21

A Novel by Johanna Lindsey, HEART OF THUNDER | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor

A Novel by Johanna Lindsey, HEART OF THUNDER | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor 22

Novel IMMORTAL, by Gillian Shields | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin

Novel IMMORTAL, by Gillian Shields | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin 23

A Novel by Karen Kingsbury, A THOUSAND TOMORROWS, RIBUAN HARI ESOK | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia

A Novel by Karen Kingsbury, A THOUSAND TOMORROWS, RIBUAN HARI ESOK | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia 24


Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin,Terbaik,Islami,Terjemahan,Dewasa 25

Fiqh Manhaji Jilid 2 Pdf : Ini adalah versi terjemahan sahibus samahah datuk dr. - oneheres

Fiqh Manhaji Jilid 2 Pdf : Ini adalah versi terjemahan sahibus samahah datuk dr. - oneheres 26

Novel Romantis Best Seller - fortunefasr

Novel Romantis Best Seller - fortunefasr 27

2017 | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin,Terbaik,Islami,Terjemahan

2017 | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin,Terbaik,Islami,Terjemahan 28

Novel Harlequin IDENTITY : UNKNOWN, by Suzanne Brockmann | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru

Novel Harlequin IDENTITY : UNKNOWN, by Suzanne Brockmann | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru 29


Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru,Romantis,Horor,Harlequin,Terbaik,Islami,Terjemahan,Dewasa 30

Baca Novel Terjemahan Barbara Cartland Gratis - Seputar Gratisan

Baca Novel Terjemahan Barbara Cartland Gratis - Seputar Gratisan 31

[TOP] Download Novel Erotis Terjemahan Pdf

[TOP] Download Novel Erotis Terjemahan Pdf 32

Download Ebook Pdf Novel Terjemahan Gratis

Download Ebook Pdf Novel Terjemahan Gratis 33

A Novel by Penny Jordan, PENGANTIN IMPIAN SANG PANGERAN | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru

A Novel by Penny Jordan, PENGANTIN IMPIAN SANG PANGERAN | Novel-Cinta,Novel-Gramedia,Terbaru 34

in this video you will learn the easy, way to turn your t-shirt designs into, notebooks for Kindle Direct publishing, and how to upload them on autopilot I've, been using flying upload KDP for this to, upload over 10 000 designs over the, course of a year and with my refined, method which I'm going to show you in, this video it only took me about another, 5 to 10 minutes per day to achieve this, now you might be wondering why should, you even do KDP if you're a t-shirt, seller and there's a few good reasons, for this first of all you might not, realize that many of your t-shirt, designs would actually work really well, as simple notebooks or journals and, therefore they could create a new income, stream for you the next good reason is, that since KDP is part of Amazon you, will get access to their massive, customer base and traffic and therefore, the potential to get sales on KDP is, really really high another thing you, might not realize is that on KDP there, is no tiers or no tier system like on, merge from Amazon so there's not really, any limitations to how much you can, upload you can only do a thousand books, per week but no one's really going to, hit that very easily but yeah so you can, get started and upload all of your, designs very quickly and you don't have, to wait for ages to actually get a teal, and probably one of my favorite reasons, is that if you upload a book to KDP it, will automatically be published to over, 10 International marketplaces on Amazon, which is really handy to get a lot of, reach out of just one design, so to get started you'll obviously need, a KDP account if you haven't got one, already and I will leave a link to the, KDP website where you can sign up down, below in the description next up you, would also need flying upload KDP to, make this process as as easy and as, smooth as possible and I will once again, leave a link down below to their page, you can also get a free version where, you can upload up to a hundred books a, month I believe so that's perfect for, getting started following along with, this tutorial and trying out the tool, and getting used to it if you do decide, to get a subscription to Flying upload, KDP then make sure to use my discount, code for an additional 20 off your first, month or your first year and just in, case you're wondering whether the tool, is worth it in my first year I managed, to get a thousand dollars in royalties, for my Q4 sales so that's why I believe, it's worth the investment if you have a, lot of designs if you only have like 10, 20 100 designs right now yeah will take, some time to to pay back the, subscription price but if you end this, for the long run you have a lot of, designs or you're planning to create a, lot of them then it's definitely worth, it but I do still recommend testing out, the free version before you pay out for, a subscription, so once you've installed flying upload, whether it's the free version or the, paper version and opened up the tool, this is the screen you should come to, you might have to enter your email, address password and license Keys up, here and then just click KDP upload now, just to explain this interface and the, edit window is going to be where you, spend most of your time to prepare the, listings the upload window is where, we'll go once everything is ready and, prepared and then we just hit publish, and let flying upload do the work so, there's a few settings or options that, we need to go through before we can get, going this is going to be like a one-off, thing you don't need to do this every, time before uploading but I'm going to, just show you like the most important, settings so hit options up here go to, settings then you've got the choice, between dark mode and light mode I, personally prefer dark mode make sure, that translation to English German, French Etc everything is ticked and, what's very important is this option, down here which says automatically, import flying upload XML files now I, would recommend ticking this box for, anyone who uses flying uploads for print, on demand because it's going to save you, a ton of time if you don't use flying, upload printer demand if you don't use, that tool then this function won't work, so that's it for this page you can, configure your login details right here, if you want to have the tool logging in, automatically manuscripts this is going, to be important and basically I'm going, to show you page where you can create a, manuscript very quickly and then just, drop it into this section right here, because we need that for uploading, notebooks so this page right here will, be linked in the description it is book, bolt dot IO and we've got an interior, generator right here the interior of our, notebook is basically what the pages, will look like you could do blank pages, if you wanted to you can do college, ruled Journal it really depends on what, your target audience to be but with my, method just keeping it as simple as, possible just having a design on the, front and some lines in the paper for a, notebook or journal and we'll select, this option right here and then at the, top just select bleed change the, paperback option to six by nine which is, a very popular format and page count I, think the the default or the most common, one here is 120 it depends how you want, to do it the more pages the more, expensive the printing costs are on KDP, and sort of your your royalty margins, get a bit lower say if you had 100 Pages, you'd probably get a few extra cents per, sale I don't know how much it exactly, means but just so you get an idea what, sort of impact that has but the standard, is 120 pages I believe so once you've, figured that out just click download, this might open as like a PDF preview, and as you can see we've just got 120, pages of blank lined paper, and if you're happy with that then hit, this download button at the top and then, just head back into this manuscript, section right here in flying upload KDP, and just drag and drop the file that you, just downloaded the PDF into here the, settings on the right should all be like, this by default and that works just fine, I have this little Auto detect and then, hit save and the last step to getting, set up with flying upload KDP is a very, important one is creating a profile, which is going to save us hours and, hours of work later down the line and to, do that head over to edit and then just, find any random design on your PC and, drag and drop it into this left hand, section it doesn't matter what the, design is doesn't have an impact on our, profile at all and now we need to fill, in a few things right here so we need, this subtitle which is going to depend, on your manuscript so let's say you, selected the six by nine like I, recommended so just write that first, then you could put notes for Notebook, you could also put a comma say notebook, as well Journal just a few keywords for, what people might be looking for to find, your specific interior type it could, also be a diary then at the end just put, the amount of pages that I selected so, in my case 120 page or Pages if you, selected a different number here for the, manuscript make sure that it matches, your number and that's it for the, subtitle then we want to head down to, author now this depends on your your, name or your company name I would just, recommend using the same author for, every book what I usually just do is my, company name here so let's say you call, yourself Neo designs just as an example, put that into there then middle you can, leave blank and last name I would, recommend putting publishing this, usually works for me because it's sort, of like a book brand name you can't just, put anything into there sometimes you, will get like an email from KDP saying, the author information is incorrect or, is confusing so just use publishing that, should probably work if it doesn't work, you have to play around maybe look on, Amazon KDP what sort of names other, people are using for their brand and to, try out different options then we come, down here to the manuscript so select, that it should be the 120 believe option, 6x9 Journal if you selected the same, settings as me for the interior type, select black and white with white paper, bleed settings we need blade selected, right here because we have that selected, for our interior as well and cover, finish you can keep that matte you can, say glossy and it just makes a, difference in terms of how Amazon KDP is, going to print your Journal over here on, the right hand side and we need the, cover type to be a paperback and then, make sure to tick low content right here, at the bottom which just means that, there's no content in the really let's, choose lines and then another important, step is the text color and cover color, Now the default is a black cover and, white text this is the example over here, which obviously would work for your your, t-shirt designs which are optimized for, black t-shirts or dark t-shirts um so I, would recommend having one profile with, this color setting and another profile, with the opposite where the text color, if we select this right here is black, hit OK and the cover color if we select, that is white which as we can see works, better for the example design right here, for this profile I'm just going to do it, with white background once once you're, done you would need to make another one, with black and the last step would be to, configure the prices now if you click, edit all then you can see right here, there's lots of different marketplaces, and different currencies different, prices I'm just going to quickly fill, this out and you can then copy the, prices I usually set the prices to have, a mod to have a royalty of about two, dollars per book per notebook and then, once a notebook gets a sale I will bump, the price up a bit so it's like three or, four dollars royalty all right so I've, quickly filled in the prices right here, just copy them one by one if you want, and if you're wondering why some of them, are sort of wonky numbers and not really, rounded that's because, um KDP for different marketplaces they, add tax on top of your price that you, set and then with the tax added it turns, out to be 6.99 once you've filled in, your pricing just click off this window, and then head over to profile at the top, go to profile manager and say save as, profile and next up what you want to do, is hit back to profiles go to profile, manager open profile manager and as you, can see it's saved the profile as the, file name right here Christmas coffee so, whatever your design is called you can, edit the name right here where it says, ring name and we could say profile white, background just so you always know which, one to select and then you could hit OK, and if you wanted to also have a second, option now with the different text color, and cover color you need a separate, design all the other details should be, the same just change the coloring so now, we're moving on to the interesting part, which is going to be more of your daily, workflow with the KDP tool there's going, to be two methods right here I'll show, you the fast method first and then the, slow method after that for the fast, method you need to unfortunately already, be using the flying upload print on, demand tool because if you've used it, before you know that when you input your, listing data meaning the title, description tags that data gets saved on, your PC on your device and that means, once we drag those same designs into the, flying upload KDP tool the data will, just be automatically transferred over, and you say save yourself a lot of time, so if we jump back into the KDP tool, right here if you have some designs that, you've already used in the Pod flank, upload tool just drag and drop them into, this section over here and as you can, see the title description and keywords, down here are instantly populated with, your data the next step is going to be, you should click on the first design and, then hit the downwards Arrow because, that way all of these designs are going, to quickly have their listings populated, once you've done that for all of them as, we can see there's now still the gaps, for the subtitle category author and all, of this at the bottom isn't configured, so the way to do that for all of our, designs in one go is to head over to, profiles click profile white background, and then down here select all listings, and hit ok now if we flick through these, again you can see that all of these, fields have been filled in except for, the category the reason why I left the, category blank in the profile is because, you're going to have different, categories for all sorts of different, designs that you import into here in, this case we've got drinks and Christmas, so let's think of some categories that, would work let's for example type in, coffee and as we can see we've got, beverages coffee and tea that definitely, works for our Niche and another one, could be Christmas related so let's just, type that in and as we can see religion, holidays Christmas and Advent you only, need to have one category configured for, this upload to work but you can also, have two and that might help you get, found more easily and now to apply this, category selection to all of our other, designs in one go as well head over to, features, Advanced KDP categories to all and then, just click ok, yes and once again you can see if we, flick through every designer has the, same category and I've done this here, for nine designs but you could literally, have like a hundred designs in this, field on the left and it will take you, no more than five minutes to quickly, flick through them enter some categories, update the profile and you're done and, it's literally ready now for upload and, you could go back, click the upload section and click Start, right here I'm going to show you a bit, more about the upload itself in a minute, once we're done with the slow method as, well for all the people that do not have, a flying upload print on demand, subscription, basically once again you need to drag, and drop your designs into this tool and, for you there's not going to be the, title description everything transferred, automatically so you need to start off, with that and basically fill it in so, let's say our first design we'll just, call this fueled by coffee and then put, a bit of a description I'm not going to, spend long on this right now because, it's just for the sake of this tutorial, to have something filled in or a nice, latte I don't know and then for the, keywords you want to type in a few, different things like coffee Christmas, Xmas latte maybe hot drink just some, things like that so fill in a few of the, keywords I'd usually spend a lot more, time on the description but once you've, done that and see that all of the other, designs are still blank whereas the, first one we've now got a bit of, something to work with and the next step, will be to transfer this data onto our, other designs to speed up the process a, bit and to do that we'll head to, Features bulk copy you need to have the, first design selected then hit OK and, continue and now as you can see all of, these designs have the same title, description and keywords so what you now, need to do next ideally is to go through, and change the title accordingly and, obviously change the rest if necessary, you don't need to change this for every, design if it's in the same Niche but the, title should be a bit different so here, it's latte Christmas coffee gift, something like that then move on to the, next one and maybe use the sentence, that's been used here like Dear Santa, just bring coffee you're going to want, to do that for basically each one of, your listings which is why this method, takes quite a lot longer you don't have, to change the title every time but it is, definitely a better practice rather than, just spamming the same exact listing, data over and over again no matter, occasionally you also want to change the, keywords if the design is a bit, different like here there's some cute, sort of kawaii designs which you could, then add down here for example but once, you're done then it's basically the same, process as before with the fast method, in the sense that you now need to apply, the profile so head to profile click, profile white background and select all, listings hit OK and now we've got, everything filled in except for the, categories which once again we'll put, coffee and, Christmas and then head over to Features, Advanced KDP categories to all hit OK, and yes and now all of the designs are, once again ready for upload, so once your designs are ready go back, with this blue arrow head over to upload, and then make sure that this box is, ticked right here and then press start, and now a new window will open a browser, window with your KDP account you will, probably still have to log in and, authenticate yourself but once that's, done as you can see flag upload is going, to do the work for you it's selecting, all the categories right here inputting, the listing data the prices Etc and, doing that for each one of the listings, without you having to do anything you, can leave this running in the background, and just come back a few hours later and, the process will be done, and a few more important things to note, about the upload I would recommend that, you upload a maximum of 50 to 100 books, per day I wouldn't go over that number, because you can only publish up to a, thousand designs or books per week and, you want to try and stay below that, number quite a bit because if you get, too close to it or if if you go over a, thousand a week then you might get your, account suspended another tip I've got, for you is doing some test uploads first, of all like just upload two or three, things as a test and don't just jump, into it with like hundreds of designs, because there's a two to three day, review process for all the things that, you upload and you might get an email, from KDP saying that there's an error, with your title or with I don't know, your description your settings and you, might have to go and change a few things, if you get stuck here if you do get, errors and you're not sure what you have, to do you can also contact the flying, upload support because they'll be really, helpful and try and get those errors, fixed for you and another quick tip if, you get stuck and you're not sure how to, use the tool you can head over to help, and click tutorials which should then, bring you to this page right here where, you can click KDP upload in the top, right corner and as you can see you've, got lots of different topics right here, and tutorials that you can watch about, those topics to learn about how, different settings work and what other, features the KDP tool has to offer I, hope you enjoyed this tutorial and, you'll have success with your KDP, business if you still have any questions, just leave them down below in the, comments and if you want to find out, whether I think upload automation is, worth it from over two years of, experience then make sure to check out, this video where go through the pros and, cons of flying upload, [Music], foreign

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