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16 Contoh Caption Lomba Fotografi

contoh caption lomba fotografi

Lazuardi Birru: Lomba Fotografi

Jun 01, 2020 · Dalam rangka memperingati Hari Kemerdekaan RI Ke-74, KMP UNY (Keluarga Mahasiswa Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta) melalui bidang pendidikan dan pelatihan mempersembahkan “Lomba Fotografi dan Caption … 0

Contoh Caption Fotografi - Cara Ku Mu

Jun 12, 2022 · Caption yang bagus adalah kunci marketing kekinian. Beautiful bride of nia & angga. Lomba Fotografi POLUSI (Politik Untuk Seni) Karena menjadi seorang fotografer profesional itu butuh pengalaman dan proses panjang, maka kamu perlu yang namanya motivasi buat konsisten dibidang ini. Caption untuk lomba fotografi. Foto … 1

Contoh Caption Fotografi - Cara Ku Mu

Jan 01, 2018 · Foto tidak mengandung konten SARA atau yang dapat menyinggung ras, suku, dan agama lain. . Kriteria caption: 1. Caption mengandung tema “Bali Aman”. 2. Caption mengandung informasi bahwa masih banyak tempat wisata di Bali yang masih aman. 3. Caption … 2

Lomba Fotografi Harla 17 Psikologi UNM | PsychoGraph

Contoh Lomba Fotografi. Tema lomba fotografi pendidikan tema lomba adalah: P e s e r t a m e r u p a k a n m a h a s i s w a a k t i f s 1 / d i p l o m a m i n i m a l s e m e s t e r 1 ( b u k a n t r a n s f e r / p i n d a h a n ) ... Mencantumkan judul foto dan narasi singkat (caption) pada kolom yang telah disediakan. Foto … 3

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this video is brought to you by, Squarespace welcome back everyone I've, got a topic I want to talk about today, we're going to talk about the idea of, Photography as narrative and want to get, into this I've got some awesome examples, of some different projects that I want, to show you real quick though I have to, share this with you because this is so, awesome so this came in the mail, yesterday I got this package it was, addressed to me from a gentleman named, Les wallum Les is a very dear family, friend he was an amazing commercial, photographer he's retired since then he, doesn't live in Dallas anymore he's, moved down just outside of Austin anyway, this is really a nice surprise he sent, me this image that he took of Arnold, Newman about two years before Arnold, died if you're not familiar with Arnold, Newman I did a video on him years ago, Arnold is most known for his, environmental portraits he photographed, a lot of very famous figures in the 60s, and 70s Les was had an amazing, opportunity to actually be his assistant, for about two years and was on some of, these major photo shoots I want to share, this with you because this was really, nice it was out of the blue I haven't, talked to Les in a long time and I'll, just share a little of his note here, with you he says in here were talking, recently with friends about the, legendary photographer Arnold Newman who, I assisted for two years in the early, 70s I was reminded the last time I saw, him in 2004 I was visiting New York City, and stopped by Arnold Studio on West, 67th Street to see him we sat and talked, about our time together over 30 years, ago and then he asked how I was doing, and how my career was going he passed, two years later and I went to his, funeral and saw many of the other, Legends of Photography there I have, often thought about that day and are few, hours together talking about the things, that we had experienced I had seen him, often over the years but this last time, was very special Arnold Newman was a, true Giant in the world of Photography, and I was so fortunate to work with him, so early in my career anyway very cool, that Les sent me this print he actually, inscribed it on here and thought that I, should have it so along with a couple, other things that are waiting to be, framed I'm gonna actually get these, framed and up on the walls very soon I'm, very excited so Les thanks for the, picture all right so on to our topic for, today which is this idea of Photography, is narrative now typically when we think, of the idea of Photography we think of, it in the context of single image and a, single image is a very powerful thing, it's something that I've spent 15 years, on this channel talking about and, something that is very powerful very, amazing and involves this idea of using, a visual language to express ideas, through geometry through abstraction, maybe it's through familiar objects and, that is our mode of communication now, however a photograph in essence on its, own lives in just a fraction of a second, it is a moment Frozen in time in other, words we don't have the component of, time that we do have with something like, a movie film Video Theater even dance or, music those Arts have the element of, time and they're able to develop a, formal structure over a period of time, now the way we get around this with, photography where we can start looking, at formal structure is to do this over a, series of images so we've talked about, things like Photo sequences in the past, you could put together a small portfolio, of images you could put together an, exhibition of images that are grouped, together that you're communicating now, over a series of images and I think the, most powerful tool in all of this would, be the idea of the book now for me the, book is what opens up the concept of the, narrative so in other words what is a, narrative well if we think of expressing, an idea that becomes more complex than, something you can say in a single image, maybe it's a concept that you want to, explore maybe it's even a story that you, want to tell and being able to do that, in a formal structure over a group of, images becomes a very very powerful, thing now I have looked at a lot of, books over the years that I've done this, show in fact in more recent years I've, done showing a lot of viewer work and, it's been something that I've enjoyed, quite a bit and most books that you see, whether they're amateur or even, professional tend to be kind of greatest, hits kind of compilations in other words, they're a compilation of images that, don't necessarily relate to one another, they might overspread and they might, over maybe a small section of the book, but in general it's a collection of, single images it's not really exploring, a narrative so it's actually kind of, rare that you see people using the book, as a tool to explore narrative so what, we're going to do in this video and I'm, going to use examples from three, different photographers these are all, viewer examples so this is sort of a, mail video but I want to take it out of, the context of what we usually do all, three of these photographers are, incredible and they've explored, narrative in their books in three very, unique and different ways and what I, want to do is point out some of the, compositional tools and elements and, devices that they're using to kind of, provide that narrative and that cohesity, across the book and I think that these, are three great examples of this so so, we're going to start with this little, book which is absolutely fabulous I, don't speak Turkish so I'm not even, going to pretend to pronounce this but, the English translation is called alone, in the city this comes to us from Aaron, Coral Aaron included this nice little, note which reads dear Ted I've been, following your channel for years and, very much appreciate your added value to, the photography Community my name is, erhon Corral and I am a street, photographer from Istanbul I've always, admired people who have taken the next, step to publish their work and in May of, 2022 I opened up my first solo, exhibition titled alone in the city and, when this exhibition came the idea of, publishing my first booklet it's not a, regular photo book but it's a start now, I'm preparing material to publish a more, detailed and proper photo book which, will include my past 10 years or so of, work I hope you enjoy this small booklet, as much as I enjoyed while shooting, these pictures all the best Aeron so, what I want to point out that's very, impressive is in aeron's Project the, idea of putting this together as a group, of images so he's already starting to, think in this narrative context so this, started as an exhibition it kind of, manifested itself in this smaller book, which is going to lead to a larger Book, Project and I think that that's been in, mind the whole time it's not just, collecting images to put in it's, actually coming up with a narrative the, street photography in here is very well, executed I love the contrast to the, Black and Whites I think this is very, well laid out he didn't do full bleeds, on anything and I think this is great, because it allows the images to breathe, what's also interesting is how some of, these images do have contextual, relationships to each other there's, usually a common element across spreads, which makes the images make sense in, this order so for instance this one that, is basically architecture with water in, the backdrop is very interesting to me, but what's most interesting interesting, to me about this book is the sense of, continuity that we get and you probably, already noticed this each one of these, photographs includes the human figure, not only does it include the human, figure but most of them are done at a, pretty radical scale in other words the, human figure is pretty small in the, image in juxtaposition with the, environment that is presented in and so, this is really strong effect and it's, actually very difficult to do because if, the image gets too busy it's really hard, to bring emphasis to that human figure, and I think this is really well done I, just love this as an example because I, get a lot of street photography books, and typically it's just the way street, photography is it's a really difficult, style of Photography to spin into some, kind of narrative and I think the idea, of using conceptual ideas in terms of, composition really is what is drives, this forward and it's the whole idea of, having the human figure in each image, the juxtaposition and then you have, these elements that relate to each other, across spreads and this is very well, done it's hard to tell a story in other, words like that has a beginning middle, and end using street photography unless, you're really uncovering an event you do, see that a little more often in, photojournalism which is a little bit, different than street photography but, anyway this is very well executed so Hey, Ron thank you for sending this this is, an awesome book you should be very proud, all right so now we're going to contrast, the idea of narrative in street, photography and we're going to take it, in a different direction and this is a, book that comes to us from spedeslav, Ivanov this is the second book that, sven's love has sent to me and this one, is Excellence a book called impact which, is a book on kickboxing it's finished, love writes the photos in this book are, a selection of shots that I took of, athletes who took part in kickboxing, competitions held in Northwestern, Bulgaria the events are two major, International competitions these, athletes some of whom are still children, face great physical and emotional, challenges the portrait photos were, taken during the training of the, athletes minutes before the sporting, event and locker rooms I met the, participants and asked them if they, wanted to be photographed my idea was to, create a book that reflects the whole, sporting event of kickboxing and what, the athletes go through in the ring as, in any competition there are winners and, losers and I think this is a challenge, for strongest characters each of the, contestants had a specific cause and was, fighting for something each of these, competitors experienced the event in, their own way and somehow become, stronger the photos reflect the, dedication and the passion of the, athletes of which, the photos reflect the dedication and, the passion of the athletes which they, perceive entering the ring so clearly, The Narrative here is exploring, kickboxing on a deeper level so we're, actually taking this on a personal level, with the athletes and we're exploring a, lot of the action that happens I love, that sveneslav actually shoots this book, in three very distinct Styles so we have, the studio portraits then we have the, action shots and then we have some, studio action shots I think one of the, things that obviously makes this book, Incredible is just the name of an impact, is a great title for this and I love the, cover which just kind of has this ball, on the front I also really love the, aesthetic in here the whole thing is in, black and white it's a little bit gritty, some of the photos are even blurry it, just has a really raw feel to it and so, I think that the aesthetic really again, reinforces the narrative that we're, talking about with exploring this idea, of kickboxing so Mr Ivanov thank you for, sharing this book is excellent all right, so this third book that I want to share, with you is particularly interesting and, that this was a project that took about, 30 years of photographing to put, together and so it's on a very very, interesting subject this is probably, probably one of the more interesting, subjects I've ever seen in a book that's, been sent in so I'm going to share this, with you but real quick I want to give a, shout out to our sponsor today who are, the awesome folks over at Squarespace, listen you need a website and we all, know how much work that is to build and, maintain but it doesn't have to be, Squarespace is by far the easiest way to, build your online presence it's also the, best way to grow a business that works, for you without having to write a single, line of code do you just need a simple, portfolio or a Blog to Showcase your, work well Squarespace is perfect, featuring a drag and drop interface it's, intuitive it allows you to build, galleries quickly and update your site, with ease are you running a business, well Squarespace gives you additional, tools for things like appointment, scheduling private member areas social, media tools and even Advanced email, marketing do you sell products or, Services well Squarespace has you, covered with complete tools to power, your store for merchandising to check, out so that you can sell ship and build, your customer base you can even sell, classes or manage appointments through, your website and with Squarespace, extensions you can easily sync with, third parties to manage optimize and, enhance your website from social media, integration to SEO Squarespace gives you, all the tools you need to grow a, business that works for you so head over, to Squarespace and sign up for the free, trial start with one of their, award-winning templates and see what you, can create and just how good you're, going to look when you're ready to, launch go to aop and I, can save you an additional 10 off your, first purchase of a website or domain, just use offer code aop on checkout so, give it a try and see if Squarespace is, right for you and I want to give a, special shout out and thank you to, Squarespace for sponsoring this video, okay so next up is a project that is, particularly impressive this comes to us, from Jim Graham this is called bound to, the country 30 years photographing Mr, Stewart's Cheshire fox sounds it's a, really long term project that deals with, equestrian lifestyle and the breeding of, these Cheshire fox sounds in an area, that's somewhere between Delaware and, pencil Albania I'm going to read a, little bit of this to you in the, description because it's pretty complex, but Jim also sent a note here which is, kind of interesting says Ted I enjoyed, your piece on Ralph Gibson's new book, and got to thinking that I should pass, on one of mine it was also printed at, Exton at brilliant it was a great, process and I can't recommend Bob's team, enough I hope you will enjoy the book, Jim so if you haven't seen it Ralph, Gibson did his most recent book, so if you haven't seen the video that I, did on that Ralph Gibson did his most, recent book at brilliant which is in, Exton Pennsylvania which is exactly, where this was printed and I have a, little bit of an interview in there with, Bob tercak it's really cool go check it, out but on to Jim's book early in the, 20th century the land Beyond Wilmington, Delaware could be easily mistaken for, the English Countryside and 14 miles, along routes 52 1 and 82 the land, progressed from City to Village to farm, and finally out to Rolling Hills of, Kennett Square Pennsylvania it was there, that W Plunkett Stewart found what he, believed to be the perfect Hunt Country, around this time Stewart also began a, breeding program with a pack of American, hounds that he'd purchased from a local, farmer and began mixing with English, hounds these English hounds from local, Master Charles Mather and Hounds, imported from England eventually became, one of America's prominent foxhound, packs when Mr Stewart's Cheshire fox, sounds were established in 1912., Steward's stepdaughter Nancy Penn Smith, hanum who had become master of Mr, Stewart's Cheshire fox sounds was known, for her ability to find and persuade, landowners to protect and preserve their, properties over the succeeding years, this Venture ushered in the preservation, and conservation of an additional 27 600, acres more than 43 square miles of, virtually continuous open space making, this one of the largest private, conservation projects in Pennsylvania, with the help of many of the members of, Mr Stewart's Cheshire fox sounds among, others they found a way to protect the, land from massive development the work, continues it has forged a robust bond, between the land and the people who live, on and Steward it people over time have, become part of the landscape a fusion of, the land and its human caretakers that, benefits both so this is a very, impressive publication and I do want to, note that this is very professionally, done and for those of you who are, thinking about doing your own photo book, this is the kind of stuff you want to, take note of especially with the graphic, design notice that the layout changes up, as you progress through the book this is, a pretty long book and it never gets, boring it helps divide the sections, evenly it helps present the material of, the images another thing to note because, I know that people love to put put, captions on their photographs when they, feel like they are important notice how, brief the captions are number one and, notice how small they are in, juxtaposition with the image this is, really well done the design on here is, absolutely beautiful I love the red, cover I love the map that's used as a, paper inlay between the book cover and, the actual pages and of course if you, saw the video that I did on brilliant, it's one of the best printers I have, ever experienced in the United States, Bob tursak knows what he's doing uh this, is I mean I wouldn't expect anything, less from this to be absolutely stunning, in terms of print quality now onto the, photography which I also find very, interesting on this is there are several, different styles that are used, throughout this book one of the things, that I love is the juxtaposition that, you have with the black and white images, which suggest maybe early, photojournalism maybe even a street, photography nature to them they have a, very gritty and very casual feel to them, and then you juxtapose this with, something like the bigger Landscapes, that are in color that are very clear, very perfect very pristine and then you, balance this out with like the formal, portraits when you get into the section, of telling the story of the people who, are involved with this project a lot of, the dog shots are just incredible and I, love the fact that the style is so, varied that it really keeps the the, vibrancy to this book and it keeps it, flowing in a really interesting way that, holds your attention in other words if, this whole book had been done with one, style of photography I think it wouldn't, work the same and I think this is one, thing that makes Jim very talented and I, think he was clearly referenced here the, snow pictures in here are absolutely, gorgeous I love the atmosphere in these, and I'm just like I said the balance, when you come back to these black and, white photojournalism style images like, from the 1960s almost I mean they're, obviously of today and then there's, another element that I really love about, this is an element of time in here that, seems very old school England but it's, superimposed with this modern book and, modern photography it's a really cool, juxtaposition and something that's just, kind of unexpected I'll put a link in, the show description where you can buy, this book as well as the others that I, presented here these are three really, interesting examples of this idea of the, narrative just summarize a little bit we, have this idea of the narrative so it is, a concept it's a story it's something, that you want to communicate in a large, scale all three of these books did this, in very different ways all were very, successful so we started out with street, photography we moved on to kickboxing, and then we took on a very difficult, challenge with this subject of Cheshire, foxhounds this is a project that Jim, spent 30 years on this I mean it's, really impressive it's so different it's, something that you can learn about as, you're going through it's something that, I'm not familiar with I love stuff like, that it's just new and it's different, but the important takeaway or what are, the techniques what are the photographic, devices that each one of these, photographers is using to create variety, and tell that story well in the very, first book was street photography we had, the idea of the human figure being the, common subject throughout the entire, narrative so we have this anchor that we, see visually that has a function in that, sense with kickboxing there was a very, similar aesthetic across the entire book, everything was black and white it had a, very gritty feel but the styles of, Photography that varied that up going, from portraits to action shots to, Studio action things it really gave a, lot of variety that gives that book a, lot of depth and of course with the last, book here I think we see the most, variety we see this in terms of the, graphic design layout we see it in terms, of the changing of styles between the, black and white early photojournalistic, Style with the beautiful modern, contemporary Landscapes with these, beautiful portraits some of these things, have kind of an English look to them, like maybe a nod to Old painting Styles, it's really mature and very well done, but each one of these has devices that, support that overall narrative and I, think that's what you want to go for, when you're doing works on a larger, scale such as this it's really easy to, get real monotonous real quickly because, as photographers we're not thinking on, those terms we're just thinking of, getting the image at the time and then, we're just putting them together in a, book that makes sense and that works, when you have a collection of images but, I think if you're really serious about, continuity and a continuous thread of, story that goes through the whole thing, I think some of these devices are really, important to experiment with anyway let, me know if you guys have any questions, and I think this is a fun topic and I'd, love to explore it some more so drop me, a comment below I will see you guys in, the next video Until then later

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