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56 Quotes From Dear Justyce

quotes from dear justyce

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Dear Justyce

Dear Justyce 2

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone ePub Download - eBooks Duck

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone ePub Download - eBooks Duck 3

Dear Justyce

Dear Justyce 4

Dear Justyce (Dear Martin, #2) by Nic Stone

Dear Justyce (Dear Martin, #2) by Nic Stone 5

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone 6

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Dear Justyce Important Quotes. 1. “He feels a little bit bad, yeah: knowing Dasia and Gabe are still in the house makes his stomach hurt the way it always does when he finds … 7

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone

Dear Justyce Quotes. Nic Stone. This Study Guide consists of approximately 40 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to … 8

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Top Dear Justyce Quotes Most subject is the fattest soil to weeds. — William Shakespeare The Dalai Lama says don't pray for peace, don't wait for peace, don't talk about peace - do it right … 9

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Happy to read and share the best inspirational Dear Justyce quotes, sayings and quotations on Wise Famous Quotes. The greatest happiness is family happiness. — Joyce Brothers There is … 10

Dear Justyce (Dear Martin, #2) by Nic Stone

The Dear Justyce quotes below are all either spoken by Justyce or refer to Justyce. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated … 11

Dear Justyce (Dear Martin, #2) by Nic Stone

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone was published in 2020 as a sequel to her first novel, the New York Times bestseller Dear Martin.Like its predecessor, Dear Justyce is a work of contemporary … 12

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Dear Justyce by Nic Stone - AGAIN, incredibly powerful, and a book that needs

Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong. Theodore Roosevelt Found, Findings 73 Copy … 13

Dear Justyce (Dear Martin, #2) by Nic Stone

Dear Justyce Character Analysis | LitCharts. Dear Justyce Introduction + Context. ... Find related themes, quotes, symbols, characters, and more. PDFs of modern translations of every … 14

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#ReadForChange: Confronting Racial Injustice with Justyce in Nic Stone’s Dear Martin, a guest

#ReadForChange: Confronting Racial Injustice with Justyce in Nic Stone’s Dear Martin, a guest 23

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Top 88 Quotes & Sayings About Just Because Cards

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Dear Martin by Nic Stone – Info Cafe

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hey what's up everyone it's your, girlfriend shanae and today is my stop, for the daughters of jubilation, book tour which here is the book right, here and, is by carolee crawford um so, for this book tour that i'm part of i'm, going to be pretty much giving you my, own reflections, reflections of the book and also some of, my favorite quotes quotes of the book, that i think i should acknowledge and, bring up, um but this literally comes out today, you guys, so you should definitely pick up your, copy right now, but anywhose i want to share with you, my own reflections about the book first, off this book left me crying in tears, when when a lot of things were happening, this is set in, jim crow south the main characters evie, which um her her you know that's her, nickname her real name is avalene, and she is lives in south carolina um, and she has what she ca what they call, jubing, um which is jubilation she has powers, um which in this book they do not, consider themselves, do they do not consider themselves, witches they just consider themselves, people that have powers um and that, those powers are pretty much, is to protect them and people of their, loved ones and just to protect people in, general, um against people pretty much um so, literally i gave this book a five out of, five stars i would give us a thousand, stars of a thousand stars because, it's an amazing book um it brings up a, lot of, it gives you a perspective of in the, south during this, you know during that time period of jim, crow, and um majority of these quotes um that, i picked were very heart-wrenching i, thought it also brings up certain things, of black history, that some people have aren't aware of or, just have forgotten or, just haven't thought of at all or spoken, of um but like i said this book was, excellent, um it gives me it gave me perspective of, things like, just because you have powers does not, does not mean you're invis invincible, it does not mean that it does not come, with sacrifices power, we have power is there sacrifices that, are made if even if he won it or not, um and i believe evie definitely for, sure, realizes that power isn't everything, just because you have powers doesn't, guarantee that you'll save, everyone that your loved ones will be, protected 100 of the time, um and i think that is one of the big, lessons that evie learns in this book as, well, because she thinks her powers are, something that wow i can really do i can, create change i can provide, change but in reality is you can only do, so much with your powers because, in her family the um in her family the, excuse me the women have it they have, these powers which her younger sisters, coraline and doraleon, they're twins they will also have these, powers when they reach a certain age, her mother she she was a she's a, full-blown christian, she also has the power of jubilation but, she decided to suppress it, and not use it due to certain um, instances and experiences that she had, experienced, with these powers but she does um, coincide and joined forces with her, grandmother who pretty much helps her, and trains her on how to control her, powers which her mother, requested from her you know requested, for her to learn from her grandmother, who who she doesn't really talk to at, the beginning um she's called grandma, addie, which i adore her character she's really, right up front she's 100 with you, she doesn't give you any type of crap, she just tells you how it is, and that's what i love about grandma, addie in this book um she reminded me so, much my grandmother because she was just, right up front she was blunt, she didn't have no filter at all um so i, love grandma addie but like i said, grandma, evie was pretty much an apprentice to, grandma addie and like i said she came, to her grandmother to help her control, her powers, and to to hone them and to have the, abilities to do things that she never, could she she never knew she could do, with her powers, but even in this book alone she is, pretty much threatened and stalked by, um this i'll say predator because he, pretty much is, um his name is virgil hampton and he, just comes back, haunting her and then she doesn't know, who she is but she, but her mom tells her that she she's met, him before, and that she hates his guts and, everything and what have you, and then we come to find out why that is, and what he had done, to evie which i do not want to spoil it, for you you, have to read it but it's definitely, something that i i expected when i read, this book i was like who is virgil, hampton, and then also with virgil hampton he is, one of the ancestors, of a general of the confederate army, um so you have that too so there's a lot, of racism in this book as well that you, will experience because it's the jim, crow, south um but also in this book evie, experiences seeing the future, um which i want to bring that up with, you um let me see if i can find that, because it was, very interesting that she was able to, see the future, in her she calls dream visions because, they're a dream, but they're also a vision as well um, let me see if i can find the page, because it was really, it was very cool that she had this, vision, a dream vision be and it brought back, and i had to think about the year, um of the vision that she had and, you know the things that she had brought, up like she brought up popeyes, and all that stuff and i'm like popeyes, and did they have popeyes back then, because i don't remember that, so we have that so let me see if i can, find, this quote for you okay so here is the, quote, um or pretty much a passage i'll say, because it's not really a quote but i, guess you could in a way, um it says um there was a girl um it, said it mentions lacombe, paris or lacombe paris which is uh you, know like a makeup, and all that type of goodness so it, brings that up in her dream vision, and then it brings up popeyes and then, it says there was a girl sitting on the, grass below me and i'm certain she just, scared 10 years off of my life and then, it says her shirt was purple with what, looked, like the words to a poem written on it, written on it and silver, dream if you dream if you can a, courtyard an ocean of violets in bloom, and just right off the bat you should, all know or hopefully you know that is, the lyrics from when doves cry, by prince and that was released 1984, but if you keep on reading it says, something like that, pretty at the bottom of it said rest in, power so if you think about rest in, power, that's when prince had passed away and, that was april, the 21st of 2016. so if you think about, it she's seeing, the year 2016. like i thought about it, and i'm like, what the heck but yeah so that's her, dream vision like she's dreaming but, she's having a vision of the future, and of this girl which she finds out who, this girl, is which i do not want to spoil it for, you on who it is you definitely got to, pick up this copy to know, but literally it it got, like this book is amazing um but anywho, like i said i give this a 5 out of 5, stars this is a great book also, evie finds the person that she loves um, who is clayton, or clay for short um but something at, the end happens and it was very, it got to my heart because it made me, think of you know if that happened to my, husband how would i feel, like you know my emotions what will be, going on in my head you know, so like literally this book was amazing, and let me just read you some of the, quotes that i, that popped out of me that i liked and, this is by grandma uh grammy addie, grandma addie and it says the helena she, argues instantly snapping back to scale, we was trained to be all polite and, differential with it but that's a load, of, jube ain't polite jube ain't deferential, jube ain't a goddamn ice cream social, it's our survival she bellows, the walls tremble i bet they're afraid, of her too but mama doesn't back down, we don't need to rally on our magic just, to survive no more she argues, progress is slow but times have changed, and it says oh have they won't you go, tell tell that to, mammy teals that she could have used, some magic, and so pretty much this is her mom and, her grand uh, grammy addie going at it saying that, they don't have to use their powers, anymore but then she mentions miami too, who is emmett till's mother, and she experiences you know when her, emmett till, died um of course by racism, uh people that are racist and everything, like that she so that's why she said oh, have they, won't you go uh tell that to mammy till, so, and when her mama said progress is is, slow but times have changed nothing has, changed which that's what was grandma, uh grammy addie was pretty much saying, to um evie's mom, so i wanted to bring that up it says and, then i wrote they don't consider, themselves as, uh witches like i told you they consider, themselves as people having the ability, to protect themselves and others, uh which when she says jube that is, short for jubilation that's what they, consider uh their powers once again, if i don't know if i mentioned that or, not i probably did but then, here is another quote that i liked, it says i think i think about the word, destiny i never cared for it, i hate the idea that our lives have been, etched in stone someplace we can't touch, or see, and we're all just players in a drama, that already has an, an ending of uh unbeknownst to us, i believe i have the strength to take, care of myself and people i love, i will keep my eyes and my heart, directed at them so that if destiny, tries to harm any of them, it will have to go through me so she's, so this is evie saying that she's, determined she's willing, willing to protect the people she loves, and her loved ones with her jubilation, and her powers, but reality hits her too at some point, in this book like i said, which literally she learns powers don't, guarantee, protection for everyone or not even, yourself, um so let me see the next quote that i, wanted to share with you, it says we can't worry about all that, all we can do is have faith, love each other and believe we'll make, it work he declares, and that's all we can do is make it work, and love each other, so we have you may not have power you, may have powers you may not have powers, but you have to make it work and you, still know that you love each other, that's the strong bond that you will, have with your loved ones that you love, each other, so i wanted to bring that quote up and, then it says, on this one it says no matter what, happens you gotta have faith that you, will survive, and you'll become the whole person, you're meant to be um which this is, talking about destiny again and, you know about the future because you, don't know what the future holds and i, think that's what evie also brings up, when she sees the future, when she thinks of the future of 2016, and everything like that, um and so or just in the year 20 and, your 2000s, alone and she doesn't know what her, future lies and what, is who she's going to be with and all, that so literally like i said i want to, bring that up, the whole person you're meant to be so, you're going to be who you're meant to, be, you just can't be thriving on it and, figuring out on your own, time will come and it will happen um and, then let's see, i have so many more quotes i'm gonna do, a few more yes so when i talked about, uh virgil hampton it's um it's the, general woods, so the general to which that means, refers is wade hampton iii, virgil hampton why didn't i put it, together before they're related his, ancestor was a wealthy slaveholder, confederate general, and early kkk financial backer as well, as famous south carolinian, these are our celebrities and then i'm, going to stress this enough this quote, we all of us just keep fighting the same, battles and new eras with new faces each, time, it's never ending until the world, changes, in an unfathomable way our kind of, jubilation, ain't never gonna die out which, that that quote alone is true it says, you know, we're going to keep fighting battles and, new errors with new faces each time with, racism, um and you know it's never ending and it, and it's 20, 20 right now and we're still having a, new era, and we're still fighting our way first, for equality, and i feel like that quote already, brings it up of the struggles that we, still have today, you know and this is during jim crow you, know this book the setting during jim, crow south and it's 2020 and we're still, dealing with this fight today so i have, that quote, that i wanted to bring up and then the, next quote, um which i think it's more of a spell um, but i won't talk to, i won't even think of this one because i, want to talk about other ones, um but definitely um it was definitely a, good quote, that i marked down and it says right, here, no i'm not going to read this one, because this is going to spoil you but, literally the themes of this book i want, to announce is about love, family it's about future past um your, history, sacrifice tragedy loss racism, uh regret hatred family curses, there's a lot of things within this this, book alone and, i think that's a it's a lot of lessons, learned a lot of lessons we have to, think about for us alone especially as a, black person, and just being a person in general in, this world, um so i wanted to bring up those themes, that i really thought, are something that are key points in, this book and then the next quote it, says jubilation comes from vengeance, um which they feel sometimes evie her, ancestors who had jubilation feel like, it comes from vengeance but, but then at the end of this book evie, realizes that, jubilation isn't vengeance for her it, really isn't, and i wanted to bring up that quote i, have two more after this one, it says how can some place be your home, if you can't be safe there, why do we put up with it just because, it's where we're born, that ain't a good enough reason not for, what they do to us, which is another true another true quote, how can we, how can some place be your home and, you're not even if you don't feel safe, or why do we put up with it and this is, bringing up racism, why do we still pull up it why do we, this is america right why do we still, feel unsafe and this is supposed to be, our home, you know what i mean so i wanted to, bring that up too because that is, definitely, a great quote and then two more quotes, that i have for you, it says what i'm saying is we have the, power to save lives and we do, but there are no guarantees sometimes it, ain't going to happen, it ain't going to work out the way we, want it to, and then another last one it says no, magic is perfection evie, it's just another part of life you will, not win every battle, any victory is a gift to be cherished, which like i said just because you have, powers and everything like that does not, make you invincible it does not, guarantee that you're gonna save, everyone, and i i love this book to my core this, book was amazing, i really really love this book like i, said it's a lot of, lessons that you have to learn about, love sacrifice, um blessings um if you consider, you know this a family curse or not some, people might consider it family curse, some people might not, but like this book alone is amazing, like i said it had me in tears i, literally just finished this book and, i'm, sharing you my thoughts right as i'm, done reading it because, it's amazing i i got really emotional, because i think about my history of my, family, and what they had to go and what they, went through during the jim crow, era and everything like that and, it's really heartbreaking i'm sorry i'm, not trying to break down because it's, like i said this book is amazing but, it makes you think about history um you, know of america and, and where and how it was built it was, built on, stealing people's lands spreading, diseases, killing innocent people, bringing people here as slaves, and building buildings for an america, and then we end up you know they end, slavery so to speak but then they treat, us like crap they treat us like animals, they still feel like we do not belong, here in america, but pretty much you did bring us here so, this is our home too, you know he took us away from our, homeland and the majority of us, as years have gone by we have been born, here, on this soil so this is our home too um, but like i said this was a great book i, love evie i love grammy addie, i love clay in this book i mean also, brings up anne-marie eva's uh, avi's uh evie's best friend who um, tells evie that she likes girls so i, think that's also nice it brings up a, queer, it has queer in it as well like you know, and i love that too it's, it's definitely diverse it and i love, america and especially sharing her, thoughts and, you know how she feels like she loves, girls she likes girls, she doesn't she's not really attracted, to men and evie did not judge her, not at all she thought about like okay, is that normal but then evie just said, you know what, anne-marie is my friend i'm gonna love, her she's my best friend she's gonna, i'm gonna support her and whatever she, does and what she feels i'm gonna be, with her and i'm gonna stand by her, which that's another reason why i love, evie, but yes 5 out of 5 stars i love this, book so so much, i hope you loved and enjoyed my little, spiel i hope you enjoyed my stop of this, amazing book tour, um but yes please like i said definitely, pick up a copy of this because this book, is amazing, but anyway guys like i said i hope you, enjoyed this video you have a great day, see ya

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